AR 1211-06 Krunch's Journal: Danger Room and Pixies

Another “impossible” danger-room challenge, once again the team pulled together and this time we beat it. I mean really beat it. The scenario was a raiding band of orcs, led by an Orog, had a captive and the cook fire was just about hot enough. You do not want to be the guest of honor at an orcish feast.

Luckily we went last again. Well, maybe the luck got a little nudge because Aunt Kat kept the straws in the same place she kept them last time. Sparky’s group tried to parlay with the orcs while others tried to grab the captive which relied on orcish honor. Of course that failed. Ox tried the full frontal assault and they were overwhelmed. Phoenix tried picking off the orcs a few at a time, but took too long and there were simply larger portions for the remaining orcs.

When it came to our group, somebody remembered that Ulfred had gone to great lengths explaining how Orogs were the chosen of Grummsh’s wife. Talk about being a ladies man. But it did give us an idea about how to deal with the orcs. Orcs are superstitious and not particularly bright. They are also ready to fight amongst themselves at the drop of a hat. Talking about what the magic-users in the party could do, we decided to get the orcs to fight themselves while I snuck around and grabbed the captive.

It worked like a charm, which is not surprising since Franzy literally charmed one of the orcs. Franzy’s familiar dropped a flask of alchemist fire, an illusionary Gruumsh rose from the fire while Yari’s booming voice commanded his “new chosen” to prove his worth against the orog. While they were distracted by killing each other, I ran in and grabbed the captive which Rissa replaced with an illusion. Wolf and Zen were backup, but fortunately were not needed.

Since we did best in the contest, we got extra tickets to the circus, but when we went down to check it out the night before things didn’t go quite as planned. The pixie was back, trying to free the mammoth again. This time she brought help – a pseudodragon. We had to make a quick decision. Help get the mammoth (who had a calf) to the safety of a herd, kill the pixie and pseudodragon (‘cuz that’s the only thing that would stop them), ignore the situation or go get help.

It didn’t take me long to choose to help but the rest of the guys needed some convincing. Not sure why Zen was so worried about our part in this, we were just making certain that something that was going to happen anyway worked out for the best for everyone involved. I like the new guy but if I have to hear one more speech about the relative value of wheat to iron and how commodity markets are valued I may have to scream.

The way I looked at it, the pixie was going to keep trying no matter what we said. If we didn’t help the chance of everything going wrong and innocents getting killed (or the mammoths dying in the mountains) was high. By helping we were minimizing risk. Freeing a wild creature … the thought of the calf never knowing freedom … well, that just reminded me of my own chains. Everyone decide to tag along and the truth is that while I would have done it with or without them I was relieved to have the company.

We had gone outside to chat in private and when we got back the mammoth was gone and there was a monkey flying in the air. The pixie had polymorphed the mammoth into a monkey and made the calf invisible. From there it was a simple matter of avoiding patrols while we made our way up into the mountains. We sent the pixie ahead to find the herd, while we escorted and Yari went to let everyone know that we had gone camping.

The trip was pretty uneventful for the first day or so, but then we ran into some orcs. We thought we had outrun them but they attacked during the night. Note to self: don’t fight a mammoth unless you want to be mammoth toe jam. It wasn’t the screams of the dying orcs that bothered me, it was the popping sound their head made when they were crushed.

We had the orcs right where we wanted them, thinking that a couple of us were about to fall unconscious (for once it wasn’t me) when the pixie showed up again just ahead of the herd. The orcs didn’t stand a chance. Sadly, we found evidence that the orcs had taken out a patrol, so we returned as quickly as possible to report the news.

We even made it back in time to make a run at the circus games before they shut down. I won a huge purple dragon for Tizzy and Yari won a stuffed dragon for … the end of his bed. Sometimes I don’t understand humans.

AR 1211-06 Krunch's Journal: Danger Room and Pixies

Thraes Aljergensen