AR 1211-06-15 Zen Letter to Father warning of Orcs

3 Days after Circus, once the Dragon Poppers and Nuts are sold Zen posted the following to his Father via the most express means available, be it carrier pigeon or mage sending.

Do Not accept from courier if seal is broken: Urgent House Borgan

If this reaches you in time to do any good, then you owe me 1 GP old man. I was part of a winning team, granted some free tickets to the circus and parlayed that gain into a profit, which I in turn just used up to get this note to you faster than normal. There is a massive movement of Orcs up here and they have Orecs in their midst as war leaders. They are about a day and a half outside of the Dwarven keep. I have no idea where they are heading but Dwarvn patrols are being harassed, and have been taking losses. Yes I’ve seen the Orc hord in the distance while about a day out from the keep, obviously we returned immediately to the keep with that much Orcish activity. Our boring trade routes may become a lot less boring, drill the caravan guards, and make sure Steven is not among them when the next group of caravans go out. When you get a chance let me know if anything came of the contacts I sent you from my trip to the other Dwarven keep last Dec. I spoke with the representatives you asked me to and passed along the terms and offers you and I discussed on my day in town. While I do not want to spend my entire life on the same trade route I am always looking out for the family and will continue to be your representative, eyes, and ears away from home. Since you are paying for me to be here forget the gold piece, just send Steven up here once Julia is old enough to learn the business. If you keep cycling us through here you will find that we will be better able to handle the business once we return. Sorry to keep this so short but I want the information to reach you immediately.

Love to mother and the siblings

Zen (your man in Eagle Rock)

AR 1211-06-15 Zen Letter to Father warning of Orcs

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