AR 1210-10-03 Wolf sees a vision and becomes a Paladin

Wolf walked into Berronar’s temple. It was small compared to most temples he had been in. Actually it was just a cave and not really impressive at all. He looked around, there was a fireplace with what smelled like some type of stew cooking above it. A table with candles burning and pots of what looked like herbs in them. To the side was a cot in the corner and chairs scattered about a small table.

In one of the chairs sat the oldest female dwarf Wolf had ever seen. He thought she must be at least 400 and he hoped she would not die while he was there.

He thought she was sleeping but she opened her eyes and smiled and he felt strangely very welcomed to the cave.

“I am Dagmar, what is your name young man and what can I do for you?”

“I am Wolf, and I was told to come speak with you about gods and callings and trying to figure out what all that means.”

“Who are your parents?”

Wolf sighed, it always seemed to have to give his parent’s names, some day he wanted to be known for being just him, not the son of someone, “Rogi and Elda Axeforger.”

“Your Ulfar then, the one that was stolen from us. I had heard that you had been rescued. Berronar was very upset about that.”

Wolf felt a touch of rage, “She did not find me, Sif did.”

Dagmar paused, “Yes, Berronar asked Sif for help since she could not find you.”

Wolf had not known that, that made him feel less angry at Berronar who was supposed to be the Dwarven protector of hearth and children.

Dagmar continued, “Well then what question do you have?”

“I need to know if the rage I feel is a calling from the Gods?”

He started to explain more but Dagmar walked over to the table with pots of herbs, “Anger, hmm, I will need willowbark. When do you feel this anger?”

Confused by her inattentive conversation, Wolf responded, “It seems to be flare up when my friends get hurt, but it gets really bad when a kid gets hurt or killed. I feel like I completely lose myself. I left my friend behind while he was fighting zombies because a kid’s dad had killed him and I couldn’t think of anything else. Then there was the whole situation where I got this scar…I don’t really remember anything after being attacked, but we were the only people left in that room and when I came too in the church, he was dead.”

“Hmmm…great anger when children are harmed,” continued Dagmar as she reached for another herb. “Tell me more about what it is you wish to accomplish in life.”

Wolf did not understand why she was getting herbs rather than actually talking to him, but answered, “I want to protect children and hurt anyone who would harm a child.”

Dagmar moved over to two other pots and pull out samples from them as well.

She slowly moved over to the fireplace and pulled out a log with a poker and rolled it onto the cave stone floor. “Now, when I put the herbs on the fire, they will make different color flames, step into them quickly. They will not burn you but will help you in your decisions.” She closed her eyes and said a prayer in words Wolf did not understand. Then she threw the herbs into the fire.

Instantly, the flames leaped up, red, purple, blue. Wolf stepped into them. The smoke burned his eyes so he closed them. When he opened them, he was in another room with no walls. There was a lady dwarf dressed in chain mail and a silver helm with battle axes strapped to her back. The other lady was human with golden hair, a shield strapped to her back and a long sword at her side.

“Who are you?”

The dwarf lady looked at him, “I am the goddess Berronar Truesilver. And this is the goddess Sif. We welcome you Wolf. Sit please.” A chair appeared and he sat.

Berronar practically looked through him, “You wish to know if we gave you the rage you carry. No we did not. Because of all of the prayers about finding you, I searched everywhere, but all I found was that your location was blocked from me by the hate of the person who took you. I asked Sif here to help me find you.”

Sif continued, “I searched far and wide and finally found you. We gods rarely interfere directly, but in your case I was able to steer the dwarf Kalistar to the right street in Melinir so he would see you. I did not expect him to lose you however. I scared a cat to run in front of you, to trip you, when you were trying to get away, but you jumped over it without even noticing it. I am so sorry that Tabby and Sparrow were killed. I had not meant that to happen. They are with me and are well taken care of now.”

Berronar continued, “You have two options with your life Wolf. You can continue to use your rage fighting as a battle rager or we can channel your rage into powers that will help you fight more intelligently.”

Wolf looked at them his eyes wide at the thought of the last option, “I would be able to think in battle? Would I be able to choose what I wanted to do, not have to be directed? I wouldn’t leave a friend behind just because I got angry?”

“Correct, you would be able to fight using your wits and not just blind rage.”

“What does that mean? What would I become without the rage?”

“You would become our divine warrior. I believe the mortal’s call it a paladin. You would fight as our champion.”

“But, doesn’t that mean I have to give up my freedom? That I’d always have to be good and stuff like Sparky? Sparky said that you only give her power because she follows the rules.”

“No, you would have to make us an oath and you would have to keep that oath. If you were to stray from that, or if you started walking the path of evil, then we would no longer provide you with our powers.”

“So I wouldn’t be forced to attend all my classes? What kind of oath do I have to take?”

“There is a dwarf who hates the Eagle clan and he plans to attack my people. He believes the clan to have taken his son and blames them for not allowing his son to train with him. If he succeeds, he will bring suffering and death to all, including the children.”

“This dwarf also intends to bring harm to humans,” said Sif. “The dwarf brings war to my people, so I believe we should bring war to him.”

Berranor continued, “You would be required to stop this dwarf using whatever method you choose. He cannot be allowed to complete his plan and you will swear an oath to ensure that happens.”

Wolf thought about the words the god had just spoken before responding, “Does that mean I’m supposed to stop going to school? What happens after he’s been stopped, will you take your powers away at that time?”

“Even with the ability to channel our powers, you are not strong enough to face this threat. As far as we can determine, he is not ready to make his move, so you are to finish your schooling before attempting to confront him. As for your oath after that, if you have not understood your calling at that time, we can speak again. However, we may guide you before that time.”

“I can help protect kids before they are killed, I’ll still have freedom to do what I feel is right, and I’ll be able to think and plan while I fight?

Sif and Berronar both answered “Yes”.

Wolf did not think long, “Yes I will take that oath.”

Berronar motioned in front of them, “Kneel before us.”

He did as requested. Sif took her sword out and laid it on Wolf’s left shoulder. Berronar took one of her axes and laid it on his right shoulder. “Swear before us that you will use your own judgement to pursue and stop this dwarf before he can bring massive harm to people.”

“I swear.” He felt his rage melt away and feel a power surge up in its place that he would now have to learn how to command to do spells like others did.

“Then rise, Wolf, son of Rogi and Elda Axeforger and study well so you may take the war to the one who wishes to bring destruction to so many.”

When he did he found that he was back in the temple of Berronar and the log at his feet no longer was on fire. Dagmar looked at him, “So did you get your answers young man?”

Wolf looked at her feeling the power still with him, “Yes, I am to be a Paladin of Berronar and Sif.”

“A new paladin of Berronar, that is fantatstic.”

“And of Sif too”, he quickly informed her again.

“Of both?”

“Yes, of both.”

“I have never heard of that type of Paladin, but as long as Berronar is one of them, I am overjoyed to welcome you to her services. You are welcome to the temple anytime.”

Wolf hesitated, “They said that a dwarf filled with hatred wants to destroy this clan.”

“That is something that the King will need to know. Please inform him right away.”

Not knowing how to go about that, he went to his father and explained what had occurred.

They too were surprised at the sudden change in their son’s plans. But his father got them on the list to appear before the King right away.

They waited in line, and when it was their turn they approached the King, Queen and Throlina who was being scribe that day.

His father cleared his throat, “King Kendric, my son has news. He is now a paladin of Berronar and Sif and have news from them that you need to know about.”

Kendric and Shar reacted to the double gods names, but Throlina stopped their questions, “Yes, Dagmar explained what happened. She allowed him a divination that both the Goddesses Berronar and Sif took control of. Wolf has agreed to be their joint paladin. It is never been done before. They must have their reason.”

Rogi Axeforger urged his son on, “Tell them what the Goddeses warned about.”

Wolf swallowed, “They said there is a dwarf filled with hatred that blames this clan for taking his son from him and not allowing him to raise him. He plans revenge not just on this clan but on the humans and the other dwarven clan.”

King Kendric looked at Shar and Throlina. “Could it be, I thought he, well we must investigate this new threat.” He looked at Wolf. “Congratulations son on your new purpose. We appreciate your letting us know about what the goddeses have warned you about and will take steps to check it out. Our great thanks.”

Wolf and his father took their leave feeling that they had done what they could for the moment. Wolf headed back to his room at the school and wondered how he was going to tell his friends and what they would think, maybe he would wait till he understood his new powers.

AR 1210-10-03 Wolf sees a vision and becomes a Paladin

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