AR 1210-10-03 Franziska gets a surprise visit

Several weeks after the school scavenger hunt Franziska is called to Queen Shar’s school office. She wonders all the way there about what she has done wrong to have to go to her office. As she approaches her destination a small black cat glides along with her, darting ahead then scampering back to be at her side. Her stomach is churning with worry as she knocks on the door.

“Come in!”

As Franzisaka enters, she is greeted with a wondrous sight, Clarice bounds over and puts her paws on her chest practically knocking her over and licks her face over and over again.

Samual the Druid who had taken away the wolf laughs and says “Sorry, I thought you might like a glorious welcoming and did not tell her to hold back!”

“Clarice!” Franziska is overcome with emotion, tears forming in the corners of her eyes. She fiercely hugs the wolf with one arm, scratching Clarice’s head with the other hand. She looks up at Queen Shar and Samual. “She can stay with me?” comes out more as a quiver than words. “Please tell me she can stay with me.”

She looks from Clarice to the small black cat. “Sebastian, meet Clarice. Clarice, meet Sebastian.

The animals look at each other and than back at Franziska as if to ask “Is it your friend?” Franziska smiles “Be nice.”

They slowly reach forward with their heads and sniff each others nose’s. They pull back and look up at Franziska. The young wizard smile and rubbed both their heads “See it is ok.”

Franziska looked up again at Samuel and Queen Shar expectedly.

Sharon smiled warmly, ” Your right Samual, there does seemed to be a bond between them.” She looked seriously at Franziska “You must train with Samual on how to control her. Samual says we also need to introduce her to everyone to let her know they are ok. She can never wander without someone with her either. You will also be responsible for giving her frequently walks either outside or in the cow cave for his business and cleaning up any accidents. He will have to learn that the cows are not to be injured. Hmm, and I would keep her out of the danger room as she would not understand.”

“If you are OK with those rules then, yes you may keep her.”

At that Franzisaka goes into a little happy dance. Then as quickly as she started she stops and asks “Does my Daddy know about Clarice?”

Queen Shar smiles “Not yet but since he will be mostly staying here, I do not believe he will have any problem with it as long as we don’t.”

Samual kneels down so he is eye to eye with Franziska, “Your bond with Clarice is very special. For three months, I tried to readapt her to the wilderness but she would have nothing to do with it. She started to not eat because she kept insisting she had to join back up with you and I would not let her leave. So I finally told her if she would learn to live peacefully with others and lots of commands, that I would take her to you. She has studied very hard these past 6 months and is ready for civilization. Watch some of the things I have taught her.”

He motions with his hand in different ways, and Clarice, comes to him, then stands at his side, he takes a few steps and she stays right by his side. He then motions some more and Clarice barks, growls, whimpers and howls on command. Then he motions and she moves to Queen Shar’s side and turns and looks like he would attack anything that would bother the Queen. Then a few more motions and Clarice sits in front her Franziska and puts out her paw to be shook. “You can either shake her paw for showing off her talents or this is also how you can ask her to see it so you can examine it for any thorns or stones.”

Franziska reaches out and shakes Clarice’s paw. “What a smart and clever Wolf you are.” Turning to Samual “I will work very hard to make sure I have all the signals down pat. Are there verbal signals as well?”

“Yes there are. There is one word for each hand signal. But normally, I work silently and she knows them without words as well. But every now and then it is good to be able to just use your voice for a command for when she is not looking at you. Like this. Call her to you with this hand motion.” He moved his hand and Clarice came to him.

Franziska repeated the motion and as Clarice walked toward her, Samual said forcefully, “USTS”. Clarice stopped in place and then looked first at Samual and then at Franziska. “EMNA” and Clarice returned to him. “I use a druidic language that not many known so that not just anyone can command her. I will teach you the words for each hand motion.”

“Now for one of the things that took longer for her to learn.” He motions and Clarice walks back to Samual and opens her mouth wide, “This is so you can make sure there is nothing stuck between her teeth which will cause her pain, and allows you to check that she does not have a bad tooth.” He takes Clarice’s mouth and moves the tongue around so he can see each tooth and then tilts the wolf’s head to look at the top teeth. “Now you try it”. He motions and Clarice walks over to Franziska and opens her mouth for examination.

Franziska follows everything she saw Samual do. Then she leans over and gives Clarice a big hug. “Ok, now I know how to inspect her paws and teeth. Does she have any special way to let me know that she has a problem? Will she come to me and hold up her paw or open her mouth? And is there anything I must learn to know what she is trying to communicate to me? I guess I’m saying she has a large variety of signals she has been trained to respond to. What signals will she give me that I will need to respond to?”

“She will whimper when hurting and usually present the part of her that is painful in some way. If you see nothing obvious, take her to a cleric who should be able to heal her.”

Samual continues his education, “Notice the number of teeth she has, and how worn they are, it is an indication of her age. She is roughly between 5 and 6 years old. Given good care and lots of love she should live another 5 to 9 years. I will teach you all of her commands before I leave for home. Now, the first thing we need to do is introduce her to everyone in the keep so she knows them as family. I have already done that with Queen Shar and she asked that we do the other dwarves that live her first before we introduce her to the students at dinner. I will show you how.”

He calls Clarice over to stand next to him. Queen Shar stands and walks over. Samual looks at Clarice and makes a motion toward the Queen and says toward the wolf “Friend.” Then toward the Queen “Please extend your hand for her to sniff so he knows you from now on.” The Queen puts out her hand and Clarice sniffs it and wags her tail.

Samual turns to Franziska, “Now you try it with the Queen.”

Franziska repeats the actions she has seen, with first calling Clarice over and proceeds to introduce the Queen to her.

“Excellent, I thought you would be a natural once I met you. Your Majesty, I believe we are ready for the Dwarven keep introductions!”

Queen Shar led the way through the regular parts of the keep and at each group of dwarves they meet, explained that the wolf will be staying at the school and needs to sniff their hand so it knows them.

Franziska patiently (well as patiently as a 14 year old with a new wolf can be) and proudly completes the ritual with each and every one of those who needed an introduction.

It took hours, but finally it was dinner and they went to the school dining room. The room was filled with children and very noisy. Clarice kept next to Franziska’s side on the walk to the front of the room. The noise level dropped as the kids started to point at the wolf. You could have heard a pin drop by the time they were at the front of the room.

Queen Shar looked around the room “We have a very special addition to our school. This is Clarice. Franziska will be taking care of her. She needs to be introduced to each of you so she knows you are a friend. Please line up and approach quietly then dinner will be served.”

The kids were very excited by the wolf. Over the coming days, they would greet her as she followed to Franziska to most classes, all except the Danger room when she would stay in the dorm cave. The kids of the dorm cave were all taught how to tell when Clarice needed to use the cows pasture cave just in case Franziska was not around at the right time.

After 3 weeks, as Samual made his goodbyes, “Remember Franziska the bond you have with Clarice is almost as special as what some call a soul mate. They are rare and should be treasured when they occur. My mentor said he never understood what caused them. Be it Gods, or reincarnation, or just luck. He said to just enjoy it while it exists. May the road you travel give you much pleasure.” He patted Clarice on the head, hugged Franziska goodby and walked away from the keep.

In silence they watched the druid until they could no longer see him.

AR 1210-10-03 Franziska gets a surprise visit

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