AR 1210-09 Krunch's Journal: Scavenger Hunt

September 1210

September is a tough month. Summer is ending, but it’s still nice out. Just nice enough out to remind you that winter will be coming soon. Not a big deal for dwarves of course since we wisely shelter underground anyway but the humans and elves were getting antsy which rubbed off on the rest of us. We were letting off a little steam when ma called for a scavenger hunt. Funny. The vein in her forehead that seems to throb when she’s trying hard to not yell at me was acting up. Hope she’s ok.

Anyway, we had a while to prepare a puzzle for the other groups to solve, they were doing the same. We came up with hiding silk butterflies on Ulfred’s wall of butterflies. Not hard to get there, but hard to find the butterfly.

First we had to get some coal, the good news is that we just had to go down to the cave where we store it before bringing it to the forges. Bad news, there were goblins waiting for us. I got hit with a couple of arrows and the world went gray for a moment until Yari had a chance to heal me. After that the combat was short and brutal. Zen and I took out the goblins up close while Yari and Wolf took out the goblins in the back of the cave. I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to them but I did hear what sounded like a ringing gong.

The next puzzle took us to the elven forest where we had to retrieve a live fish. We ran into some boars and while I was trying to sneak past I step on a twig. Oops. One of the boars started to charge me and Wolf tackled it, saying something about saving the piglets. I assumed he was saying to save the piglets for last because they would be the most tender. I was still trying to figure it out when Zen ran past us and scooped a fish out of the water with a bucket. Here I thought fishing was hard. Working together we took out a couple of the boars (making sure they were male pigs for Wolf’s sake for some odd reason) and returned to the keep. We told the chefs to prepare a pig-roast to celebrate a victory.

The last prize was a pinecone from the bluff above the hidden valley. Getting up there was easy but there were blood-sucking giant mosquitoes that attacked. Once again I had to be saved by Yari … I need to toughen up so that I don’t let the group down when they need me. We took the fast way down the hill, sledding down on shields. Rissa came down on her own without a shield. Showoff.

We won the prize and had a great pig-roast.

AR 1210-09 Krunch's Journal: Scavenger Hunt

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