AR 1210-09-10 Dear Steven Letter

Dear Steven

Even if you should never develop the wanderlust that I have, you should prevail on our father to send you to the academy in 2 years time. By that time Julia will be old enough to start learning the business while you come here to study. You will learn about something called “integrated management” and logistics. The Dwarves run a very successful mining and distribution network based on those principals. I know that our business lives and dies based on logistics but they have new methods and ideas that can greatly improve the business. I’ve been sending information to our father as I learn it, but you know how he is about change, and I can’t do the topics justice. This is also the place to make contacts, the sons and daughters of the most powerful houses are here. I haven’t been able to parlay any business openings but as the students I know now become more powerful within their own families these contacts can become very helpful, especially if we ever want to open a new trade route to more cities like you and I have discussed.

There is this professor here, who rambles on at length about the past. I swear this guy must be a defrocked bard, most of what he seems to make up is just so mundane (King X ate quail before the battle of Y). The historical information could be useful if its accurate and not just an old bard’s fantasy. Knowing what happened where can help us plot routes around some unfriendly areas. Once I graduate I may be able to convince some friends I’ve made here to help scout that new route to XXX, clearing the way before we send any caravans.

Its not all business and drudgery here, remind me to tell you about sliding down a mountain on the back of a shield with a Dwarven passenger after fighting off a swarm of dire mosquitoes. If you remember Arissa, she slid down the mountain the hard way.

Some of the disputes here are amusing. Standing in a field about 60 feet from a natural pool our objective: a live fish (I’ll explain later). There’s about 6 boar and their offspring in the field between us and the pool. Generally animals in the wood leave you alone or can be easily scared off. Krunch sees this and starts thinking about dinner. Wolf looks at this scene and starts waxing poetic about families, I swear those 2 would have spent all day arguing about whether or not to kill the boar. It was quite amusing, but we were short on time. To appease Wolf, Krunch tried half-heartedly to sneak around the boar, but was seen and charged.

Now I’m not opposed to killing for defense or food, but Wolf was really upset at the prospect of killing the families of boar. I’m good with live and let live when my life isn’t at stake. So I ignored the bickering, ran to the water’s edge, hoped the boar wouldn’t notice a lone human, scooped out a fish (a little harder then when we used nets in that stream last summer) yes, I got one, and we got out of there fast. Krunch got to keep the 1 boar that charged at him. I have to admit it was quite tasty.

My love to the family.


AR 1210-09-10 Dear Steven Letter

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