AR 1210-05-10 Letter from Quactimas arrives

Dear Friends,

I wish I could have stayed with you, but that was not to be. My father passed away two weeks after I got back. They have assigned me a regent. But it is so overwhelming. If it was not for my friend Mo saying I needed to stay, I would have run away. It has also helped that Trent comes to tutor me now and then, oh, but he said not to tell anyone, but I think it is ok to tell you guys. Though for some reason he never leaves my room and allows no one here to come in while he is here.

When father died, my friend Mo was so angry at the halfling pirate that he blamed for their deaths and my not being able to stay at the school, that he actually left me for a time. When he got back he said he had delivered justice and Guido’s father would not trouble anyone anymore. We later heard that a large group of Treants attacked Smallville. The rumors at first were that the entire town was destroyed. But actually it was just the huge complex that the Halfling pirate lived at and all of his ships that were destroyed. That and a few places between the forest and those places that got in the way of the Treants big feet.

We have sent Gnomes to help rebuild parts of the town that belonged to anyone not associated to Guido’s father. They are saying it will be better than it was before.

I will write more later when I have time. Being King sure takes a lot of time.

Your friend always


AR 1210-05-10 Letter from Quactimas arrives

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