AR 1210-03 Dwarven History Lesson 14 – Initial Creation of the Eagle Clan

In History class one day, the following Dwarven Lesson was covered that explained how Kendric and Shar were married and the initial starting of the Eagle Clan:

All around the Thunder Rift area the sun was shining and the birds were singing. But not in the Eagle Clan’s keep. There, deep in the mountain, there was silence except for the beating of the hearts of two dwarven clans. They were all gathered in the large hall room to witness the marriage of Kendric and Shar.

The only thing lighting the room was the forge in the center. Closest to the forge itself was the family and close friends of the bride and groom. Everyone was waiting for the big moment. Suddenly two of the doors on opposite sides of the room opened at the same time. Shar enter through one wearing a beautiful gown of purple silk with white lace over it. Around her neck was a jeweled necklace of rare gems, with the center being a 5000 gp blue diamond previously acquired from some dead hags. Behind her followed Katrina carrying Shar’s long white lace train. Kendric entered through the other door wearing a new suit of armor made out of Mithrel that has been polished so it shined with the dull red glow of the forge from whence it came. The mithrel was a wedding gift from King Lin Sue, King of Melinir, and Shar was the crafter. Behind Kendric was Gimer, carrying the new ceremonial hammer of the Eagle Clan. Shar had recently crafted it out of the only piece of mithrel that had been found during the building of the keep.

As Kendric and Shar approached the forge, the dwarves parted to let them through smiling and yelling blessing on them as they passed by. When they reached the middle, they stood side by side in front of the forge. The high priest of the Thunder Rift clan, Jared Stonefist approached the couple. He raised his hand for silence, “Who brings the hammer that these two might be wed?”

Handing the hammer to the priest, Gimer loudly proclaimed, “I do, Gimer Ironforge [Uncle to Wolf] son of King Ovim [current king of Thunder Rift clan], grandson of Gum the Great, heir to the throne of the Thunder Rift clan and brother to Shar.”

Jared then asked, “Who brings the unfinished rights that they might be completed?”

Katarina stepped forward, “I do, Katrinia Stonerose, daughter of Kalistar of Quag’s Keep, granddaughter of Kalis the Brave, renowned locksmith and sister to Kendric” and handed the rings to Jared.

Jared took the rings and placed them into two slots in the hot forge. Then he handed the hammer to Kendric, “Do you Kendric agree to marry Shar, promising to love her and give her a home to raise the children she bares you?”

Kendric raised the hammer and struck the rings, “I DO!”

Then Jared took the hammer from Kendric and handed it to Shar and says “Do you Shar agree to marry Kendric, promising to love him and bare his children?”

Shar raised her hammer and struck the other ring, “I DO.”

Jared picked up the rings and placed them in a bucket of cold water and then handed them to Kendric and Shar, “Then place these rings on your hands so that all will know that you have found true lock.”

Then Kendric and Shar placed the rings on each other’s hands.

Jared then called out to the crowd, “And who brings the dwarven ale that all might celebrate this marriage?”

King Ovim loudly proclaimed, “Queen Nalia and I, King Ovim Ironforge do.” One of the doors opened and a very large barrel of ale is brought into the center of the room.

Jared then called out to the crowd, “And who brings the mug to put the ale in?”

Kalistar responded, “Lady Valdosta and I, Kalistar of Quag’s Keep do” as he handed a large mug to the priest.

Jared took the mug and blessed it saying, “May your home always be filled with laughter, good food, and fine dwarven ale” and handed it to Kendric.

Kendric took the mug and filled it with ale from the barrel. As he and Shar put it to their lips together to drink, Jared said, “May your love last as long as there is ale to drink” and everyone cheered loudly. Kendric then took the mug to his parents and they drank a sip from it. He then took it to Shar’s parents and they did the same. At which time the mug was passed to all their friends and family. Meanwhile, other mugs were brought out and filled and passed around after Kendric and Shar took a sip.

After everyone had a drink Jared raised his hand for silence. It took a few moments but soon only the sound of hearts were heard again. Jared reached behind the forge and brought out two crowns. Each one filled with gems so that they twinkle in the forge light. He handed one to Kendric and the other to Shar, “Now that you are wed it is time to officially accept the mantle of leadership for the new clan you have established together. In the name of Moradin and Berronar, I ask you both now. Do you swear to uphold Dwarven law and give a safe and secure home to those dwarves who claim your clan as their own?”

“We do!”

“Do you promise to be fair with those dwarves and any dwarf who visit or seek refuge?”

“We do!”

“Do you promise to follow the Dwarven gods, Moradin and Berronar Truesilver, Glengeddin Silverbeard and Dugmaren Brightmantle?”

“We do!”

“You may now place the crowns on the heads. I declare the Eagle Clan to be officially blessed by the Dwarven community and Gods.”

The hall echoed with the cheers of the gathered dwarves.

Later in the evening celebrations, Bradock, Katrina’s boyfriend got up and asks for everyone’s attention. “Most know me as the dwarf who does research into the ancient ways. I have recently deciphered an old scroll which brought to light an old dwarven tradition that was lost. It seems that for every proposal made during a wedding celebration, the new couple will be blessed with one child. And so since Kendric is such a good friend of mine.” He walked over to Kalistar, “Sir may I have your permission to ask your daughter to marry me?”

Kalistar looked at him, “I would be honored to have you in my family.”

Then Bradock walked back to Katrina, pulled out his dagger, laid the blade in his hand with the hilt facing her, “Katrina will you allow me to love you, protect you and be the father of your children?”

Her look said she had not expected the proposal, for once she was speechless. She said softly, “Oh, Yes!” and then hugged him and a cheer went up from the crowd.

With his arm around her, he looked around, “Well that’s one child! Would anyone else like to add to that?”

Lorthos, master weapon teacher for the Eagle Clan, walked over to Thorlina’s parents, “Sir may I have the honor to ask your beautiful daughter to marry me?”

“Absolutely Lorthos!”

Then he approached Thorlina and got down on one knee, pulled a small throwing ax from behind him, “I Lorthos, ask you Thorlina, the love of my life, master of my future, marry me so we can teach our children together to be the greatest dwarven warriors.”

She hugged him, “Yes oh Yes!”

Lorthos, “well that’s two, at this rate we better start tomorrow on a new addtion to your rooms Kendric.”

Everyone laughed, but there was no other proposals that night.

The second day was speech day, where everyone that wanted to share good wishes or stories about the new couple, stood up in front of the gathered dwarves. During King Ovim’s speech, he proposed a tunnel joining the Thunder Rift clan, the Silver Mountain Clan and the Eagle Clan through the mountains. Kendric happily agreed.

The third day the party continueed with other races being allowed into the throne room to give their gifts to the new couple.

The fourth and fifth days of the celebration was for dwarves who were on guard duty to come back and enjoy the party.

It was a party that was not topped for a long time.

AR 1210-03 Dwarven History Lesson 14 – Initial Creation of the Eagle Clan

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