AR 1209-12-20 Zen's Wild Ride or I Gotta Get Outta This Town

By Zenza Hexanon Borgan

Just before the great feast I was running errands for the old man, and saw several people I knew enter the Thornbury estate, I knew Wally and his family from town. Shouting, banging, and commotion got my attention.

I walked into chaos. Someone I didn’t know was yelling about safety and leaving. I had no idea who this guy was, but if he was causing havoc, he was going to find it unsafe very unsafe indeed. At this point Krunch came running out of nowhere telling me that they were after a ghost. C’mone, really a ghost? This I had to see. I figured someone was getting ready for the masquerade a little early. Probably Wally in a sheet. Krunch mentioned something about Wally, his father and ghosts. I had just seen them both the day before and they looked fine.

To make a long story short Thornbury’s wife died, he went crazy and killed himself and Wally. There was some bizarre binding ritual and a note. There was some mention of Wally’s paternal grandfather. Wally and Thornbury’s spirits could not pass on and were bound to the house. Krunch, Franziska, and Yari worked most of this out, and Arissa was able to communicate with and help Wally join his mother.

I also learned that there was a rash of thievery, they were investigating, something about getting some boots back for Old man Beckman. Condescending bastard always yelling that he won’t do business with me because I’m not old enough to do serious business.

After getting my family to check inventory, we were missing a fairly expensive magic item. Krunch, Wolf, Yari et al, let me join their investigation as the evidence suggested the same thief or ring.

We set up surveillance on the way into town that the thief with unusually small feet seemed to be using.

We waited half the night in the trees and about 2 am saw the most unusual thing. A puppet, a toy, came walking down the way and tried to escape us. We trapped it in a net, tied a rope to it, and let it lead us into town. It led us straight to a fake out.

Franziska climbed in a window after the puppet and was ensourcered. The rest of us went through the shop below. By the time I got into the room the puppet was already back down on the street Wolf was hanging from the balcony of the building across the street (he went through the window (again)). I jumped down to the street as did Franziska. Krunch followed Wolf, but actually made it into the room across the street as did Yari. By the time I made it to the back door Wolf was coming out with the unconscious body of the wizard controlling the puppet. I tried to get him back into the building as neighbors were shouting for the watch and I could hear the boots approaching. Wolf took off he was more afraid of the watch than the ghostly spector that he fought the day before. I took the body and went into the building to wait for the authorities with the prisoner. Krunch and Yari found the stolen goods, while Franziska seemed to be adopting a wolf.

Arissa for some reason, decided to practice her performance art and pretended to be the unattended daughter of the owner of the hat shop when the Watch arrived. Her performance lasted until her mother arrived, and yanked her “off stage” ostensibly by the ear. Note to self, don’t piss off the conquering heroes, that woman has an aura they can see from 2 towns over.

I found out later that a very humble Beckman thanked my friends and offered 1 of them his boots as a graduation gift. I was floored, that Beckman would act contrite or grateful.

I watched some good if destructive investigative work by 5 people who eschew doors in favor of windows. I lent a hand where I could. I kept Thornbury’s wight off of the others, and supplied a few nets. Arissa and Yari’s parents got involved. Hopefully I escaped their notice.

I had the time of my life. I have got to get out of this town and experience more of the world, or at least do more than guard a caravan on a route so tame that the guards can sleep on the cart from point a to point b. If I can’t get into that school, I’m going to have to convince the old man to let me start scouting new trade routes on my own.

AR 1209-12-20 Zen's Wild Ride or I Gotta Get Outta This Town

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