AR 1209-10 Krunch's Journal

October 1209 School has kept us busy, and we had some sad and happy news. Happy for Bran I guess because he gets to move back with his family. They’ve driven off the orcs and found a druid willing to train Bran, something the academy was having a hard time finding. Why someone would want to live in a forest instead of in a well fortified keep carved out of solid rock is beyond me. Living in trees that could fall over versus tons of high quality stone? Not for me.

With an opening in our cave, we got a new recruit, Franzis… Franzisk… Franzy. Turns out she had been training with a wizard Hazel Goodfellow who died unexpectedly. Franzy is the daughter of Bridgette and Kormak Dolluson, who have some connection to Rissa and Yari’s parents. Not sure what it is.

Oh, and Sardi has joined Pegasus and has been reporting back to us status updates about Guido. We’ve been secretly helping Ox with his studies (something his cave should be doing) and Ox is starting to do better.

I showed my design for the new armor to ma. While I think it’s awesome she did point out how easy it would be to take out somebody’s eye if Wolf wasn’t careful. Besides, he seems to like like running around without his shirt on, especially around Sparky. Yuck. ThibbledorfPwent.jpg

AR 1209-10 Krunch's Journal

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