Rat (Iriet)

Short, narrow faced human usually dressed in layers of rags with greasy brown hair and green eyes


Rat was an orphan that has just kind of fallen through the cracks. Rat lives on the street, stealing to survive.

Much of Rat’s true story is now known to the group. She is Sidhe, her real name is Iriet and she is the daughter of a Sidhe queeen. Known as Vanwa Neth’Aranel (“The Lost Child Princess”), she is the rightful heir to a throne in Alfheim. Being on Midgard and cut off from Alfheim for an extended period is enough to drive many Sidhe insane, so it is no surprise that she is unstable.

Badly scarred by rats when she was very young, she is not reconizable as Sidhe.

Known to the Sidhe as Vanwa Neth’Aranel (“The Lost Child Princess”), if she can be cured she could be a powerful leader. Even if she cannot be cured, she could be a powerful symbol of hope.

She was been take back to Alfheim and while she was cured, the “rat” aspect of her had split off into a separate entity which was eventually destroyed.


Rat (Iriet)

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