Welcome to the world of Thraes!

The current campaign is set during the time of Ragnarok – war of the gods.

When gods go to war, humanity suffers. Earthquakes, tsunamis, rains of fire and ash were the repercussions that people observed when Ragnarok started 57 years ago. The trickster god Loki, imprisoned for his part in the death of Baldur, had escaped and brought death and destruction to the world. Those that were not killed outright trembled in fear as day turned to night, the next 3 years came and went without a summer. Starvation and desperation set brother against brother as people fought for survival. War came to the land as former allies spent their last resources fighting one another. Ghouls and other undead along with creatures that lived on death and decay thrived. The populations of “humanoid” races were reduced by 80% in the course of a few short years. Civilization nearly collapsed.

But after the years of darkness, the sun peaked through the clouds once more. Battle crazed warlords looked around and found no one else to fight. People started to slowly rebuild. At times the battle of the gods spills over with disastrous results but there has been an interlude of relative peace and quiet as Loki gathers his forces for one last battle. Even now Loki works to free his most powerful and evil spawn, Fenris. It is the calm before the storm. It is a time for heroes.

The campaign starts in River City, a city built on the ruins of the once mighty city Quag’s Keep.

Want more info? Get more information about Asgardian Mythos Overview. To view a map of Thraes click here#cid=B80AFD8678445F2D&id=B80AFD8678445F2D%21239&sc=documents

I do have a few house rules you might want to review.

You can find the adventure summary here


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