Riverside is along the river, at about the halfway point between the northern part of the old city and the bay to the south. In some ways it is the oldest part of the city, as it is built around the site of the original fortress that established Quag’s Keep. Current population is around 10,000 people and growing. It has exterior “walls” built by walling off streets and all building openings on the edge of the populated areas. Inside the city there are blockade points – places that either have an actual gate or that can easily be blockaded in an emergency. Most buildings are built of cut limestone for at least the first level or two, with additional stories typically being made of wattle and daub (a wood lattice with clay filling in the chinks). Buildings average between 3 and 5 stories, often housing extended families with businesses on the lower floors. Lacking the ability to easily expand the city and with no central planning, buildings are haphazard with upper floors frequently jutting out over streets or lean against each other for support like drunken sailors.

Not the biggest of the boroughs, it is a dynamic place and a center of trade both from the river and to the other boroughs.

Hightower District

The group is starting out in the neighborhood called hightower – after the abandoned tower that dominates the area. Known by locals as the Ghost Tower it is a solid stone structure with no seams or openings. It’s been there as long as anyone remembers and people tend to stay away from it – bad things happen to buildings that are built too close and it is impervious to all attempts to physically destroy it.


Thraes Aljergensen