Quag's Keep

Historically Quag’s Keep was one of the largest cities in the west (population approximately 600,000, similar to medieval London). A booming metropolis, it acted as a major trade center and capital city of the country of Maladorn. The city was broken into two main areas, the upper city (to the west of the river) and lower city (to the east). Upper city was primarily built on limestone bluffs. Being built on the bluffs offered not only a source of income for many families (who had limestone quarries under their houses) but was also less prone to flooding and was more comfortable due to the breezes. Much of the land trade came into Upper City because the roads coming into the city were more easily maintained.

The east side of the river was lower and surrounded by swampy ground. Much of the lower city was built on pilings – logs driven into the ground to support building. Plagued by the near-constant threat of flooding and disease-bearing mosquitoes it nevertheless handled much of the ship traffic.

When Ragnarok started, much of the lower city was destroyed immediately. The upper city fared a little better in the immediate aftermath, although some of the largest estates were devastated in the first wave of earthquakes – especially those belonging to families (often older families or those that had suffered financial distress) that had quarried too much stone from under their holdings.

The city is broken up into different districts (boroughs) which are now small fortified cities in their own right connected by tradition and trade more than actual political power. While life continues and has in some ways has a sense of normalcy, people do not feel safe to walk the streets, particularly after dark. Most people carry a weapon of some sort (even if it is just a simple club, staff or spear) and only the brave or foolish walk the streets alone at night. It is not unusual for people to wear armor even while going about their normal business.

Riverside is along the river, at about the halfway point between the northern part of the old city and the bay to the south.

Other boroughs of note built on the ruins of the old city include NorthGate, Fisherman’s Bay and OldCastle.

NorthGate is the main trade route for goods coming from inland, and acts as the center of power protecting the rich farmlands to the north. It is nearly twice the size of Riverside.

Fisherman’s Bay is on the inland sea to the south and is primarily supported by fishing and pirates that ply the waters.

OldCastle is located on the west end of the old city and is most notable for its largely demihuman population, including an odd mix of dwarves, elves, eladrin and gnomes.

Other boroughs include “Garden City” near the center of the old city. It is a dangerous place for anyone to visit as the FeyWild has broken through and created a tangled and dangerous forest.

LowerCity is now referred to the City of the Dead as the boundaries to the Shadowfell have grown thin. No one visits the City of the Dead any more, or if they do they don’t return alive.

Other kingdoms are rarely, if ever heard from. The once proud eladrin of the High Forest have closed their borders. The dwarves of the Iron Mountains have little contact with most people, unless it is with other dwarves in OldCastle. The elves that survived the years of darkness still ply the bay but often steer clear of Riverside because of the fear of pirates. The human dominated lands of Ryndal to the northwest, Cosatoria to the south and Botan to the east have all fallen into disarray and darkness.

Quag's Keep

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