AR 1218-12-03 to AR 1218-12-04 Full day in the Ancient Lands

December 3

The group decides to head out to get the flower that grows on the cliff that Madam Nim requested.

On the way out of the city the group runs into things that slow them down getting out of the city.

They passed an alley that they heard sobbing from. When they investigated, they found a middle aged women, Ni Pan, cradling her young son, Wu Pan, who had been beaten badly. They heal the lad and find out that Ni is still concerned about her older son, Kiyoshi who left to find the gang that stole Wu’s 2 coppers he had earned from cleaning a shop after they beat him up for not just handing it over.

They find out that the gang can be found behind “The Lucky Baker Shop” and they head there.

At the corner of the shop, they witness an older lad with a big dog who is laughing at a little girl crying at the base of a tree. He is telling her to give him a copper or the cat stays up in the tree.

Rissa and Wolf talk to the older lad about picking on a young girl and honor and it does not take long and the older lad and his dog run down the alley behind “The Lucky Baker Shop”.

Olaf, Zen, and Krunch stay with the little girl to help calm her down by buying her sweets from the shop and as the cat “flew” out of the tree thanks to an invisible mage hand.

Franziska, Wolf, and Rissa follow the older lad and his dog down the alley. There they find Kiyoshi being tossed back and forth between older lads saying things like “Thought you could just take your brothers coppers back huh”. The one that ran down the alley has run behind the other three gang lads with his dog.

The biggest gang lad sees the group and grabs Kiyoshi around the neck and puts his dagger to his throat saying, “Come one more step farther and he dies”. Two of his friends form up next to him and are reaching for their daggers as well to defend themselves from the group. The one in the back looks about ready to release his big mastiff on them.

Wolf casts a spell trying to make him run away, but the kid has grown up on the streets and shakes if off easily though he feels like his legs are mired in thick air. He reacts by starting to dig the dagger into Kiyoshi’s throat.

Before it sinks in far enough to do any real damage, Rissa cast a spell suggesting to them that they should spend all of their money buying sweets in “The Lucky Baker Shop”. One of the boys who has no money says, “Let’s go steal some sweets”. The lad holding the knife pulled it back some from Kiyoshi’s throat so that only a tiny trickle of blood drops out his neck, he then starts dragging Kiyoshi off.

Franziska lets Clarice pop out and she tries to stick her tail in the lad holding Kiyoshi and he collapses. The other three see Clarice and run away into the shop’s back door.

Kiyoshi free now, kicks the boy on the ground in the side, kneels down and removes the two coppers that was stolen from his brother Wu. Then approaches the group, bows and says “Thank you, I have gotten my families honor back.” He then runs out of the alley most likely to check on his brother.

Rissa pulls make up out of her bag of holding and puts it on the unconscious lad.

They get back together and head down the street. Not far from there, they come to a cross street, and just as they get close to the corner, two open air coaches collide in the crossing. The group with no time to plan, manages to cast many feather falls on horses and people who go flying from the collision. Olaf sees a coach about to topple on the people who are feather falling and smashes it to pieces with his hammer. All but one, who falls hard enough to break a leg. Wolf heals them and 9 others in the street afterwards with the spell that he had cast that heals multitudes.

One family’s father introduces himself as Kaede Chun, owner of Chun’s Furs, member of the Dragon clan. His wife Tien, his teenage son Takuma, and his older daughter Yuuka (who’s leg Wolf healed). He explains they were late to pick up a shipment from the dock from “The Sea Wolf”. Being late means something might be stolen. He gives Wolf a Dragon token in appreciation.

The other family’s father introduces himself as Wu Hinata, owner of Hinata’s Jerkins, member of the Tiger clan. His wife Megumi, older son Yi, and teenage daughter Phuong. They were late to meet with Phuong’s suitor, Shiro Taiki, who is the grandson of Nori Taiki of the northern ancient city of Mishnah Tor, who had arrived that morning by boat. He gives Krunch a Tiger token in appreciation.

The father’s look at each other and say similar things to the other about it was a good thing that their family was not hurt.

Franziska tells them about putting a sign on each corner that tells coaches to stop before proceeding. Kaede Chun notes that to tell the Dragon Shogun.

Franziska tells them “The hurrier you go the more behind you get”. They both think that is a good proverb for the future.

Once they turn the coach over that was feather felled to the ground …

They hear a town crier just before they get to the gate. “Hear, Hear, searching for two people, Reward, Reward” and is handing a flyer out to everyone that is passing by.

Franziska takes a flyer and finds a picture of both of the two lovers that half the group let go even though they were in their room illegally. When the group could not change their minds about running away, Yari cast invisibility on them so they could sneak aboard a ship to get away. The reward is a 1000 gold for information about either of them. Signed by the Dragon and Tiger Shogun.

Krunch not knowing anything about the two lovers since the others had not told the rest about them other than there were two kids in their room, offers to have Olaf to cast a divination to help find the two.

Wolf says let’s do this so we can collect some more tokens. Maybe the Rat token is rare, and they can trade multiple of the Dragon and/or Tiger tokens for a Rat one so they can get one of each.

Franziska, Zen and Rissa all decide to just ignore the discussion about staying to help, and head to the gate. Seeing that the others follow continuing the discussion. Franziska and Rissa never mention that they know where the young lovers are.

It takes 4 hours, and the group come to a cliff with a flower that matches the description around 1 pm. They see two Rocs flying in the air. Standing on the edge they discuss what to do taking too long, one of the Rocs start to descend. Olaf decides not to wait any longer and cast fog that rolls in from the water to cover the flowers. Franziska cast invisible and fly’s down, picks the flower and conceals it under her robe. The others are ready to help protect her if the Rocs detect her. They come down a bit farther, but with the fog still there, they birds do not detect the flower being gone. Once Franziska comes back with the flower, Wolf tells her the Inuki can smell the flower and so might the Rocs. He suggest that she give Inuki the flower and Wolf release Inuki back the fey wild. She agrees. With the flower not with them, the Rocs do not bother the group as they move off.

When they return to town around 5 pm, just after they enter the gate, the town crier tries to give them a flyer. Franziska tells him they already got one. He tells her this is a new one. Franziska takes it and reads that there will be two Shimasu’s that evening. One in Tiger territory and one in Dragon territory at the Court Circle of Justice.

Rissa asks an older lady who is also reading a flyer about what a Shimasu is since they are foreigners and do not know. She explains that a Shimasu means Disown, Shun, or Renounce in Common. The proceedings are usually: Read of the crimes; Sign papers writing them out of the family. This includes burning of objects they gifted to family members or were gifted to them. Sometimes instead these are given to the crowd; Stripped naked, tied to bamboo poles and beaten with switches; Last they are handed over to Yodar (slavers) to be taken out of the Ancient Lands forever.

She tells them there is also free food during it.

Wolf tries to get her to understand the evilness of giving them to the slavers. But she does not understand exactly the problem, but does say she will consider not using the slavers if a member of her family is ever Shimasu’ed.

The group does not know that the Shimasu is for the two lovers until while in the market place buying the other items that Madam Nim needs, they over hear folks talking about the Shimasu and mention the two lovers names that were on the first flyer.

The group discusses what they will do if anything about them. They are ok with the shunning for what they did, but not the slavery. The group decides to head to the Tiger territory first.

They use the Tiger token to get into the Nakamura home to speak to the “Ryobo” or matron of the house where Hoshiko is being held for the Shimasu that will be done to her tonight.

They are introduced to the “Ryobo” Momo Nakamura. She is eating and picking at her food. She explains her appetite is failing her. Her life is coming to an end. The family had recently obtained the items for the transfer ritual, which the group recognizes as the same items as Madam Nim has requested them to get for her. The group gets Momo’s permission to try to talk her granddaughter into changing her mind about becoming the Ryobo for the family. Momo knows that once they are joined the girl will understand and come to accept the restrictions of the Ryobo. But she has to be willing to do it. Without that, the joining will fail. Without her, they will use her sister Asuka instead who without the training, will lose to the more dominate personality instead of joining with it. In essence she will die but the Matron will go on for the family. Asuka is willing to do this for her family.

The group meets with Hoshiko in the lower levels of the home. She explains they were found, and they were going to let them stay and work on the ship until they got the message about why we had run away. They turned the boat around and returned them to their families. Rissa and Franziska talk to her explaining why she should change her mind and that Momo has agreed to stop the Shimasu. They also tell her that they will also try to get Suchart to not go through the Shimasu either. Hoshiko communes with her ancestors about what they told her, acknowledges her mistaken behavior and will accept Momo’s offer.

The group takes a letter from Momo about the change and heads to the Dragon territory Court Circle of Justice, where they find the Shimasu ceremony has started with the reading of the crimes of Suchart.

“Suchart has been charged with poisoning the mind of a Ryobo to be.”

Rissa speaks up, “Oh, contraire. Mr. Court Man, I have news that the Nakamara are not, I repeat not, going to Shimasu Hoshiko. I have a letter here from Momo Nakamara stating this fact and that if the Tan family wishes to reconsider the Shimasu of Suchart that the Nakamara family will support this.”

He calls Rissa up and takes the letter. After reading it he announces to the crowd.

“Momo Nakamura has said, yes, Hoshiko has accepted to be the family Ryobo, but Momo still holds Suchart responsible. To leave him in the city after the joining would be detrimental to the new Ryobo when she takes over. It is up to us to decide if we accept her ruling or not. We will break for 10 minutes to decide.” And he walks away to the family.

Zen gives Rissa one of the Dragon tokens and whispers to her, “Explain to them Suchart can be sent to Silverbriar.”

Rissa approaches the family, extending the Dragon token, she requests to speak to the family before the decision. They accept the token.

“If you need to have Suchart out of the Ancient Lands, it is not necessary to send him with the slavers. He acted under youthful lust. If he simply wish him to leave and not return, our group will take the boy with us into the Barbarian lands so he can never return.”

He bows, “We will consider it.”

Rissa bows back and steps away before she can get into a bowing contest she does not know how to finish.

After 10 minutes, the man comes back and announces, “We have decided, to go with through with the Shimasu, except he will be given over to these people to be taken out of the Ancient Lands.”

The ceremony is completed, leaving him completely unconscious. Rissa seeing Suchart naked, she whispers to Franziska “Now I understands why Hoshiko wanted him, what a hunk.”

The three slavers watch from afar as the group takes their slave away from them and do not look happy.

The family throws Suchart at their feet. The group carries him away from the area, and heals him enough to stop him from dying and regain consciousness. They explain what the plan is. They take him to the temple of Thor and after doing sending with Glinda, she opens up a portal to teleport him to Silverbriar with instructions to keep him there and let him slowly recover. Zen also sends back his message stone to Aldhis.

As they leave the temple of Thor, Jun Lee finds them. He is the man they helped get the gem back from his son-in-law after he left his pregnant daughter. He tells them he needs their help. The wife of a friend has been kidnapped and is being ransomed. The local constable wants nothing to do with fighting the bandits because they are led by an exiled member of the Rat Shogun. It is dangerous to kill this leader because of what offense the Rat Shogun will take. The Turtle Shogun wants nothing to do with it directly, but is willing to help the man either pay to get his wife back or hire foreign fighters to do it.

The group agrees once they are reminded that Jun Lee is from the town of Beachwood. He also has enough money to pay the temple of Thor to teleport them to Beachwood.

At midnight, they go to the ransom spot, an old ruins outside of town, and fight Takumi Lou and his men. They are able to save the women and capture Takumi Lou and one of his men. They gain:

1000 gold
Oath bow
+2 long sword
Rod of Alertness

They return back to Beachwood’s constable who when asked, informs them that Takumi Lou used to be the Rat Shogun but the present Rat Shogun did a coupe. The constable says the Turtle Shogun is willing to pay them 10,000 gold for Takumi Lou, or they can take Takumi Lou directly to the Rat Shogun who will give them 20,000 gold for him.

The group decides to teleport to the temple of Thor now taking Takumi Lou with them to turn over to the Rat Shogun. They released the bandit’s man to tell his group what they are doing so that the group does not mistakenly attack Beachwood to try to get Takumi Lou back.

When asked, the Beachwood constable tells them the city has existed for centuries and there has never been a Lich that has visited the city as far as he knows. He calls in one of the scholars of the city and they concur.

The constable gives them the ransom of 100 gold requested by the bandits for the return of the women.

After teleporting back to Adrak Tor at 2 am, the group goes to the Rat Shogun’s territory. They find the area not as in as good of repair as the other two Shogun’s territory. That is until they get to the Rat Shogun’s actual home. That they find is in decadent shape.

They are escorted into a throne like room that has beautiful pictures on the wall with gold and jewel encrusted frames. Many men guard the room keeping Krunch from being tempted. The Rat Shogun comes into the room in embroidered silk robes. His hair is a little messed up.

“What is the meaning of this? Do you really have Takumi? I have been after him for the last year.” He looks over and sees the unconscious man.

“Ahh, Takumi! Excellent, Excellent” He snaps his fingers and men bring in bags of gold, “20,000 gold as promised”. He looks around at the paintings on his walls and the sculptures along the wall. “On top of that, you may each pick one item to take with you also.” The Krunch quickly estimates they are worth roughly 750 gold each and whispers that to his friends. “Or if you would like something special commissioned. Or one of you ladies would like a silk kimono made for you.”

He moves over to Rissa, and puts out his sleeve to feel the silk. “Feel it, I can make sure it is as special as this. Or better yet, I can show you dear lady, wonders you have never seen or felt.”

Rissa smiled, “Thank you for your hospitality.”

He moved closer and took Rissa’s hand in his showing his rings off, “Or perhaps you would be interested in one of my rings as a gift.”

Franziska freckles started to glow at the advance being made on her friend. But Rissa let her know with her other hand that it was ok.

“You have such a beautiful home and it is so late. To be able to find an inn open at this hour with available rooms for myself and my friends would be difficult. Perhaps we could stay here….”

With lust in his voice, “Oh yes, yes of course you may.”

“Your generosity is monumental”

“Please stay with me”

As Rissa considers it, she checks him out and realizes that he is quite handsome even with the small scar on his cheek. His arm muscles make the robes sleeves bulge. His bare feet and hands are quite large, leading her to wonder if the rest of him under the robe matches.

“Please see to it my friends have a comfortable place to stay.”

He snaps his fingers without taking his eyes off of Rissa, being completely spellbound by her foreign beauty. As his servants come in “See to them, anything they want, food, place to stay, women, men, whatever.”

He kisses the back of Rissa’s hand and leads her through the door he came in.

Once in the lavish room with erotic paintings and sculptures, Rissa offers to sing for him. While she sings, he starts to expertly sensually caress her back and shoulders. She acts like she does not exactly know what he is doing and he explains saying, “I have never performed while another signs for me. This should be very special!” When he starts to work his way down, Rissa has a problem concentrating and misses a few notes.

“I know more ways to make you feel like a women than anyone else can.”

“But what of my honor oh great Shogun. My friends think I am cheap coming in here with you. I would not want them to think poorly of me.”

“What would you think of two more rings for my chance to know you fully? To show you my gratitude for bringing me Takumi.”

“But you’re just proving their point.”

He works farther down, and Rissa finally gives in to the exotic man.

When it is over, Rissa wonders if she will ever feel like that again. He just lies there afterwards thinking how he has been shown the best time of his life, and wondering how to get her to stay longer if possible.

During the night, the others found their rooms extremely comfortable. All but Olaf turn down the extra people paraded in front of them to warm their beds.

December 4th

Just before noon Rissa gets up to join her friends to eat. The maids have to pick up paintings that had fallen to the ground during the more active parts of the night.

Rissa begs her way out of staying longer with the Rat Shogun though she wonders if they could actually repeat that night again. Better to quit while she was ahead.

Before she leaves the Rat Shogun gives Rissa the following:
Woman’s Diamond Ring (500gp)
Man’s Ruby Ring (250gp)
Man’s Sapphire Ring (250gp)
Silk kimono (250gp)
Art object (1000gp)

Before they part, Rissa ask for his real name and he grants it too her: Shikuro Tenaka

The group and Rissa eat a glorious meal when they get up at noon. Wolf summons Inuki after getting permission to feed him also.

Wolf, Krunch, Franziska, Zen, Olaf receive:
Art Object (1000 gp)

Group gets:
20,000 gold
1 Rat token

Rissa uses her influence with the Rat Shogun to get information from him that he uses wererats as enforcers. There are rumors about weretigers, does not know about wereturtles, or weredragons at all. Though there is a rumor that the Turtle Shogun is provided gems from a Dragon Turtle that lives in the ocean. Sometimes ships are lost to the Dragon Turtle. Rissa reminds the group that Trent wanted something from a Dragon Turtle. They also find out that the northern city of Mishnah Tor has a Wolf Shogun, but he does not know if they use werewolves as enforcers either. Wolf decides he really wants a token from them.

The group makes their goodbyes with the Rat Shogun around 2 pm and head down to the docks. There they find out that “The White Horse usually shows up in December once a year. With divination they figure out it should arrive around December 8th. So they decide to wait for it instead of teleporting anywhere else. They inform Yari who decides to join Elsie in Silverbriar after the prince’s birthdays.

Then they go to the temple of Thor, message Madam Nim they have her items and have her niece pick them up at the temple. Franziska open a teleport circle to the circle that Quac completed in October, and delivers the items as requested. Their obligation has now been met for getting the riddles solved by Madam Nim.

Last, Franziska opens a teleport portal to Silverbriar and Aldhis joins Zen until the ship arrives. He shows her the wonders of the city.

AR 1218-12-03 to AR 1218-12-04 Full day in the Ancient Lands

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