AR 1218-11-31 Gaia's Breath and Purple Worms

That morning they arrive to the Cave that breathes and out step three dwarves, one of which is out of breath. The dwarves greet them after spotting the other two dwarves, asking them why they are in their land. The group explains how they have come to the Cave to get Gaia’s breath and are told by Ian that the cave is sacred to the Dwarven clan so don’t do anything to hurt it. Ian ask Wolf and Krunch to help their clan get rid of two purple worms that have just invaded a lower cave to mate. The others misunderstand the dwarven language after not hearing it for some time, and think Ian said purple dragon. After that is cleared up, the entire group agree to help, but only after they get some of the air that is being expelled from the cave into a glass jar.

They arrive at Ak Dahkar and initially the guards react with alarm after seeing Inuki. But they have heard the stories about the great dwarven Paladin Prince that has tamed a winter wolf and stand down. They are brought before King BloodHammer and he is pleased to have their aid to kill the Purple Worms. And he reiterates, he knows of no Purple Dragons.

The group takes an hour to plan with the dwarves how to approach the worms that are mating in the cave below. They come out from two sides and Wolf is able to frighten one of them so badly it can do nothing but quiver. The other is beaten down to a pulp quickly. The clan’s dwarves then attack with crossbows doing damage to the frighten one which releases it from being afraid, but before it can attack, the group take its life as well. Franziska removes the two stingers for Trent. The group removes some intestines that he is hoping can be used to lure Krakens to a hook.

The dwarves party to the hilt. Yari negotiates with King BloodHammer to go in together to afford a Hero’s Feast. While celebrating, Yari messages Trent about having the two Purple Dragon stingers. Trent arrives shortly at the dwarven keep much to the displeasure of the clan. Nothing is said about why they don’t want him there, but they do allow him to join the group. He takes possession of the stingers and pulls out a map and shows them the locations of teleport circles that he knows the codes too, that Franziska does not yet know. The group argues long about the best 2 to pick. At one time thinking that they could teleport into Mish-Consar.

When asked about the city, Trent explains the culture there has slaves and treat women very poorly. The group decides that because of Wolf’s high sensitivity of injury to children and women, that they would not get of the city alive. So they decide to take the far north ruins code and the one in Adrak Tor on the far east coast. The most Trent can tell them about the city is it is a different culture and the home of King Lin-Sue an ancestor of Verona. Lin-Sue is the one that King Kendrik and his friends searched for and found with the help of the artifact crown of Thunder Rift.

Talk turns to getting the princes back from King Louie and where to go from there. Trent asks about this King Louie and after hearing about an awakened ape, he says he will save the group time and teleport to the ruins using the 1000 gp gem as a focus, that they took from the ruins. Trent gives the group a short time to get their stuff and make their goodbyes. The dwarves are more than happy to help Trent on his way.

Once they teleport, Trent hits it off with King Louie. The apes have made a bit of progress with the stones and the shape that the temple will have can be seen. Yari finds out that the boys did get a couple of Odin marks on the walls of the temple.

The group decides to teleport to Adrak Tor, a big city they are told. They are hoping to sleep in a real bed for once.

They arrive in the temple of Thor and are greeted by 3 guards brandishing spears. After talking a few moments they demand 10 gold each as a fee to use the portal. Yari bulks but Rissa pays for him and her. The rest of the group pays their own fee. After all, they reason, it cost the temple gold to pay for the guards to protect the temple from those that might teleport in that mean evil to the temple or city.

The guards escort them outside the temple. As they step into the city, they are overwhelmed by the different smells, sounds and looks of the buildings. They are no longer anywhere they are used too. Even though it is dark and late (around 10 pm), the streets are bustling with people going to or coming back from places. All but Yari head toward the docks based on the stronger smell of sea air, to find the Silken Seal Inn that the guards recommended. Yari tells the group he wants to find the food that is making the wonderful smell in the air.

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AR 1218-11-31 Gaia's Breath and Purple Worms

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