AR 1218-11-29 to AR 1218-12-07 Gretium story

AR 1218-11-29

Well that did not go as I had expected it too, Gretium thought to herself as she flew away from the group that had at one time saved her child. How could they be so uninformed about how dragons worked? Hadn’t they been taught at that academy? I will have to talk to Kendric about what is being taught. But that is for later. Based on what I found at the cave, I have to search now for the remaining children of Ryukotsusei and finally put an end to this feud of ours.

AR 1218-11-29 to AR 1218-12-05

She hunted for over a week doing circles around the area of Ryukotsusei’s cave. Because of the inbred hatred for her and her kin, they came flying out of their hidden caves, even though they had no chance to stand against her. By the time she was satisfied that she had gotten the last one, she had killed 5 more juveniles and 2 young red dragons. Gretium now had proof that Ryukotsusei was extremely randy and did not finish caring for her children like a dragon should. Almost like she was building an army to finish the feud. Luckily Ryukotsusei had been caught by herself, and Gretium had been able to kill her.

Gretium felt that at last there was no more children of Ryukotsusei that existed. She could never explain how she knew, but she did. Oh, there were other red dragons in the world but they were not of Ryukotsusei, and would not come after her and her kin unless she went after them. And after one feud, she had no intention of ever getting into another one for the rest of her days. She would teach her children about it so hopefully they would never make that tragic mistake either.

AR 1218-12-06

Now, to finish her quest. She flew back to King BloodHammer’s clan. The dwarves standing guard outside the main opening reacted to seeing her approach, but she recognized the elder one, though it had been almost 200 years since she had visited. She glided in and changed into her human form as she landed.

The elder dwarf motioned his companions in such a way as they knew to just have weapons at the ready but not threatening, then walked to out to meet Gretiem. As she approached, she held out her hands in a non-threatening manner “I greet you, Blackhammer son of King Bloodhammer, grandson of King Rockhammer. You are looking well for such an ancient dwarf!”

Blackhammer had stopped short of the human/dragon who he had not seen since he was just a mere lad. He had heard that dragons never forget, but was still impressed she knew him even before he spoke. Remembering their friendly banter of old, he responded, “Bah lass, Ye were old when ye knew me grandda. And here ye be looking even more shaggy and wounded if I didn’t mistake that dent in your side before Ye lost two legs!”

Gretiem wrapped Blackhammer in an embrace that surprised him. “It is good to be back again my old friend. Is your father handy, I would speak to him?”

“Aye, I he is not entertaining anyone near as ugly as Ye so he should be able to make time for ye. If Ye would not mind, I would take Ye to him.”

She laughed falling back into the old arguments they used to have “I can think of no more pleasant a time than walking with you if you can keep up with those two short legs. Lead the way, if you can still find your way in the dark that is, as the sun out here can really mess with your vision.”

The two walked off laughing and trading more quicks. Blackhammer pointed out new things along the way, but did not introduce her to anyone along the way thinking rightly she probably needed to speak to the King before anyone else. He used dwarven hand signals along the way to ward others off from approaching.

Finally the entered the throne room of King Bloodhammer. His father was talking to some other dwarves near his throne, but he saw him look up and give a start when he recognized Gretiem, but continued to speak to the others.

Blackhammer stopped at the symbol on the floor as was customary and waited. His father wrapped up his conversation and looked down at his son who he had great appreciation for.

“Father, I present our long lost friend, Gretiem the Magnificent, who wishes to speak with ye.” Blackhammer stepped to the side and bowed toward his father and then Gretiem, showing the intention of leaving them alone but wishing with all his might to stay to find out why she had come back after being gone so very long.

“You may stay my old friend Blackhammer”, then looking at King Bloodhammer, “Your magesty, I come asking for permission to move into a cave north of your keep. I believe you know it to be the home of Ryukotsusei the Red. He is no more and neither is any of his ilk. I have lost my current home to a philosophical difference and have no wish to build anew. Instead I will just clean it out and it should suffice just fine for me and my child.”

“Of course ye may stay in that cave. Are you sure that old red dragon is dead? I would hate for her to come back and kill ye.”

“Yes, I am sure, for I killed her myself about a year ago. She was stupid and let me catch her by herself. It was a fight fit for a dwarven tale, and I will share over dinner if you wish to hear it.”

King Bloodhammer hit his hand on the edge of his chair and grinned. “Nothing could make me happier. Do you need anything else that I can provide to ye?”

Gretiem smiled, “Yes, I need to get word to King Kendric. I need a faster way back to where I was living to get my child. I do not want the two of us flying that far.”

“Done”, King Bloodhammer pulled from his pocket a stone, “Kendric ye free to chat?” He said into the stone. He then continued in his head his conversation with Kendric miles to the south.

Kendric’s daughter Sparakal had finally talked him into using the stone when she visited. These were made special by Trent in that they could communicate to all the dwarven kings at the same time, or just two at a time. Bloodhammer had reservations about it at first but they had come into handy so many times, that he was glad he had agreed to it. He still would not allow a teleport portal in his keep, but the stone made sense.

“Kendric asks what he can do for ye.”

“Ask him to get Trent to teleport here to take me back to Silverbriar so I can get my child.”

King Bloodhammer conveyed the message. “Kendrick says that Trent is on vacation at this time but he will get a message to Glinda to come get ye. When would be good and remember ye still promised me the tale of the death of Ryukotsusei.”

Gretiem laughed, “All in good time my friend. I have been away from my daughter for a week. Tell him sooner than later would be good. When we return I will gladly share the story. In the meantime, if you could bring something for her to eat to my old cave. She is still hungry most of the time. And it will be a bit before the area is safe for us to hunt in. Right now what is there is pretty tainted by the red dragons living in it.”

“I have just the thing, as we just killed two purple worms with the help of Krunch and Wolf’s friends.” This caused Gretiem to flinch and the King saw it. “Is there an issue with them I need to be made aware of.”

“No, it is a misunderstanding that I am taking steps to avoid a problem with. You see I have gotten wise in my old age, as I hope you have as well.”

“I hope my people think so.” Bloodhammer concentrated a moment. “The message will be conveyed. My son can escort you to quarters to freshen up until ye leave.”

Gretiem bowed her head slightly to her old friend since she was in his keep, and walked out of the throne room.

Once out, Blackhammer took her to the clerics who healed her bruises and cuts. A couple of hours later, Glinda found her, and gave her a hug.

“Your daughter is worried about you.” She held up her hand as Gretiem was going to explain, “I know all about what happened between you and Wolf. They visited, but don’t worry, they did nothing untoward to your daughter. I tried to make them understand but sadly, no such luck. I would recommend a letter to them in your own words might help. Now come I will take you home.” She held out her hand.

Gretiem took it and closed her eyes. It always seemed to make the teleport less jarring. She heard felt the magic envelope her, her stomach flop and then she opened her eyes. Finally home!

She stepped off the portal circle and there was Sardi and Lena each holding a new born baby.

Sardi stepped forward, “I thought you would like to meet my children before you leave. That and I thought you would not kill me if I had a child in my arms.” He grinned wildly as he said the last part in jest.

This released the tension in Gretiem’s back that she had felt when seeing one of those that had been there when Wolf had attacked her. “Is Wolf here?”

“No they are off trying to find Beachwood. I have retired to help Lena take care of our twins who arrived just days ago.”

Gretiem walked over and took the new baby from Sardi, “He is beautiful” telling by smell that this one was a boy, “You will have your hands full with two of them. I am sorry I will not be staying to watch them grow up.”

“But you can stay, there is no reason to leave. We can get past this disagreement with Wolf.” Sardi appealed.

Handing back the baby to Sardi, Gretiem sighed “No, it is done. I am moving to be near an old friend and his clan. I feel it will be safe there for my daughter, as well as I will get back to living in a cave where I feel more comfortable, more …… normal. I have been thinking about moving for some time now. This just accelerated it is all.”

“Now I need to see my daughter if you don’t mind.” She walked out of the portal room.

Glinda stepped behind Sardi and put her hand on his shoulder. “Trust me, it is better this way. Let her go, and you might be able to still ask her for a favor if you need it later. Push and you will lose that even.”

Sardi nodded his head thinking how sad it was to see friends leave. Just then his son wiggled in his arms. On the other hand, he had responsibilities now and that would just have to take precedence.

The reunion of mother and daughter was joyous. Gretiem took her outside and became a dragon again. The two flew to the top of the mountain behind the castle. There she told her all about their new home, the dwarven clan who she used to live near until being severely injured by Ryukotsusei and her ilk. Losing her daughter at the time to the red dragon. She cried anew at reliving that loss again. She told her daughter the entire story of why it happened.

Afterwards, they slept on the top of the mountain

AR 1218-12-07

In the morning the two went down to the keep. Gretiem told her daughter to say goodbye to her friends for it would be some time before she would ever see them again.

Gretiem went to her human room and packed her few things. Then sat and wrote a letter to Wolf.

Dear Wolf,

You may not want to hear from me, but I needed to at least attempt to explain.

Please know I am truly sorry that I did not handle the situation better. You would think that I was old enough to have realized I needed to talk first and act second. But sadly, I lost it when I realized they were Ryukotsusei’s children.

A very long time ago, a young red dragon came into my territory. Instead of scaring the young thing off, like I should have, I got hot headed and killed it. Not only that, but skinned it and hung it out to as a warning about not coming into my territory. This was extremely arrogant and I regretted it ever since.

Ryukotsusei found the dried skin later, gathered her children and attacked. I lost my daughter at the time, and was severely wounded. King Rockhammer’s clan nursed me back from near death. By that time, Ryukotsusei had taken over my cave, my treasure and had started to hunt down every child of mine.

By the time I was well enough to fight, all of my children were dead, and the feud had started. Ryukotsusei’ let it be known in the dragon world that news of me should be sent to him for a reward. So I ran with my tail between my legs so to speak. I used the ancient paths to finally settle in the Thunder Rift area where there was no dragons living.

Sadly, dragons do not forget, and once a feud has been declared, it becomes innate in the children. To leave Ryukotsusei’s children alive would mean I and my kin would forever be in danger. Sadly, your thought of converting those red dragons over to good would have only meant my or my daughter’s death. That I could not allow.

All of Ryukotsusei’s ilk are now dead. The feud is over. Sadly, I have won, but do not really feel like I have won at all. So much death for no gain at all.

I am moving back into my old cave near King Bloodhammer’s keep. The treasure I found there was mostly my old one, a dragon knows the smell of its horde. Though I left your group what I could tell was what Ryukotsusei had added. Seems Ryukotsusei was a lazy red dragon as she had not added much since she took over mine.

I wish I had remembered you were so sensitive to young ones. I should have as you have always been so gentle with my daughter. Again I apologize for not handling the situation better. It would not have changed the outcome though I am afraid. You would still have been mad at me when I had to kill them and the others I found after I left you.

I hope your quest to take out the Lich Lord is successful.

Your old friend Gretiem (not so magnificent all of the time)

Gretiem took the letter and gave it to Glinda to send to Wolf. Then went to say goodbye to Sardi, Lena, Elsie and Alhdis. Sardi gave her the gems the group had tried to give her. This time she took them. She blessed all three babies with her dragon magic. Touched Alhdis stomach and blessed the one not yet born. Hugged all and left to find Glinda and her daughter in the court yard. Gretiem handed her a stone she took from her old cave. With it, Glinda was able to get them to the cave safely. After giving them both a tour, Glinda returned home.

Slowly, Gretiem regurgitated her old treasure until the pile was very high. Her daughter had so much fun jumping around in it she regretted again living among the humans for so much. They were nice to visit, but this was the place for a copper dragon baby to grow up in.

She joined her daughter in on the fun of playing in the treasure pile. Glad to know that the dwarves would be here soon with the remains of some of the purple worm.

AR 1218-11-29 to AR 1218-12-07 Gretium story

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