AR 1217-08-19 Take down the Vampire Lord who supports the Master

The group teleported to the ruins about 10 miles from where they thought the vampire lords keep was. After bushwhacking their way through the dense forest that had grown up around the ruins, they reached normal forest.

There the group was surrounded by 6 woods men who demanded they return whence they come and not come any closer to the lord’s domain. The group tried to talk their way to the lord, but the woods men were having none of it, and the leader seemed actually to be slightly controlled.

When the group pressed the issue of moving forward, the woods men turned into were bears and one of them awakened a Treant. The group fought but did not kill the now were bears. After knocking them out, they figure out that the leader has a cursed amulet on that is allowing the vampire lord to control him, and through him the others that he has turned. They release him from the curse and he says he will find the others and help stop them from attacking the group as they seek to destroy the vampire lord. He will meet them later back at this spot and help them in any way he can after that to take out the Master in Melinir.

Krunch sent Hoo to scout and he sees a small hamlet a couple of miles away and after that is a castle on a hill. Hoo flys to the village and sees the village people walking out of their homes in a dazed march headed to the castle on the hill. The group hurries and gets in front of them to try to beat them up the hill.

After passing the villagers and crossing a bridge they are accosted by 3 Chimeras, but easily defeat them. During that time the villagers get a bit closer. The group races on to the castle that is protected by a thirty some skeletons on the walls and eight gargoyles on the roofs. Yari and Sardi fly above the castle invisibly and dust most of the skeletons. The rest of the group takes that as a signal and fly over the walls and destroy the rest of the skeletons and the eight gargoyles. They open the gate to let in Inuki, but then close and bar it to keep the approaching villagers out so they can try to avoid killing them.

Inside the castle proper, Wolf notices holes in the floor and wonder what they are for. Then they are greeted by the vampire lord’s voice who congratulates them on getting this far. Then he has his minions attack, five wights and 7 orgre zombies where Yari got surrounded by luckily never was bitten by the wight.

After they dispatched them, the vampire lord who was invisible and moving silently tried to take over Zen. Who after a valiant try, was charmed by the lord and graciously feed him his blood from his neck. At the same time 8 of the lord’s vampire spawn also attacked. But the group ignored them and attacked mainly the lord. Shortly after Zen was charmed, they succeeded in hurting the lord enough that he was forced to retreat in vapor form through one of the holes in the floor. Just as the lord became vapor, he told Zen his friends needed to be stopped because they were misled that the lord was evil.

Yari turned into a mist and tried to follow him while the rest of the group stayed behind and fought the vampire spawn. Yari got down 80 feet and found a room protected by six animated armor and 2 bone devils. He did not stay long but did see three doors leading off of the room, but was not able to catch which one the lord went through. He went back up and helped the group kill the remaining vampire spawn.

During the fight Zen resisted the lords attempt to get him to kill his friends and instead just talked them into not attacking the spawn. However, several of his friends did not listen but before he was forced to hurt them, they put the vampire spawn out of their misery.

Seeing Zen was losing his battle with the charm and was now going to attack the group, Krunch was able to put dimensional shackles on him to prevent anyone in the group from getting hurt.

Knowing the only way to release Zen from the charm of the lord was to be hurt by another monster belonging to the vampire lord, the remaining group went hunting the castle for another monster. They found a skeleton in the old chapel and let the skeleton wail on Zen until he was able to fight off the charm. Then they killed the skeleton and released Zen.

They healed up as much as they could without a short rest and then schemed how to get down to the lower level using their potions of gaseous form. But they wanted to not rest long as that would give the vampire time to reform and heal up. Something they really wanted to avoid.

.... to be continued …

AR 1217-08-19 Take down the Vampire Lord who supports the Master

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