AR 1217-06-03 Returning Heros get a surprise

Three days later found all of them back at the Golden Eagle Clan Keep safe and sound where they were all immediately summoned to King Kendric’s private audience room.

They walked in and there was their old dwarven roommates in Gargolye, Durin, Dargen, Gilrak, Ovlo, Sandin, and Duri, who were in the class before them. The group remembered that they had been given the Thunder Rift crown and charged with finding the rightful king.

King Kendric, with Queen Shar sitting next to him smiled, “It is good to have you back and to hear you were successful. As representatives of Thunder Rift, I would like you to be present for this.” He motioned to the dwarves, “Durin bring forth the crown for the testing.”

Durin took the crown from a locked box and walked over to a man none of them knew. As he did, the crown got brighter and brighter. The man knelt and when Durin put the crown on his head it shown almost brighter than the sun. Then dimmed down to a tolerable level.

As Durin walked back to his friends grinning from ear to ear, the man stood up and King Kendric introduced him to the group, “This is Earl Bjorn Anderson, soon to be king of Thunder Rift. He is third cousin to King Tahoo, Prince Falson’s father. Bjorn this is the group I has spoken about who is trying to free Thunder Rift from the tyranny of the syndicate led by a dwarf known as the Master. They will make it safe for you to assume the throne.”

“I am pleased to meet you. This is my daughter and eldest, Lena.” He pointed to a very beautiful women of around 21 who was dressed in traveling pants and tunic. She had well defined muscles in her arms and they doubted she was a spoiled lady. The group noticed that Sardi could not take his eyes off her, even when Rissa nudged him in the side to try to make his stop staring at her. Lena at the same time seemed to have made eye contact with Sardi and seemed similarly taken with him.

Bjorn had not noticed and kept on with the introductions to the group, “And this is my next oldest, my son Gunnar.” The young man seemed quite fit though a little on the thin side, like he had not quite grown up yet. “My next oldest, Helga.” She was pretty and still young but it looked like she would grow up to be just as beautiful as her sister. “And last is my youngest, Tomas.” The young lad looked like he was just an early teenager.

The talk went around what Bjorn could do to help with the fight, letting the group know that he had 20 he brought with him from his estate that could fight, along with their families. They had only to let him know where they could best help in taking the Master down.

At time went on, Sardi introduced himself to Lena and Rissa suggested having a celebration asking Lena if she would like to help with it. Others in the group took this to be a fit of jealousy from Rissa, but what the others did not know is that Rissa and Sardi had just broken up amicably after determining that they wanted different things in life, mainly that Sardi wanted children and a wife, neither of which Rissa was interested in. Mainly, Rissa was doing it as a political/career move. She had just been personally introduced to the future king and his family. This was her chance to make a good impression. Schmooze the king and his family as much as possible. Every bard aspires to have a noble/royal patron, after all. Plus, there was the real potential to take it a step beyond the prestige of being a favored entertainer to being an adviser to the throne.

Though, Rissa asking Lena to help to get her away from Sardi, just might have been because she was a touched miffed that Sardi was moving on so quickly…and for a princess no less!

When Sardi jumped in saying he also wanted to help, Rissa asked Gunnar if he also wanted to help and she fawned over him a bit. It looked to the group that it had just a touch of jealousy because Sardi was so gaga over Lena. Gunnar enthusiastically said yes, and the four went off to start making plans. Sadly, Rissa was even more surprised that Sardi did not seem to care about her flirting with Gunnar during the planning. She sighed knowing she had truly lost him, but then doubled down making the gala the best possible to make the most of this opportunity.

Back at the audience room, Zen said he could support the new King but gave the impression with his words that he had to earn Zen’s trust, that it was not freely given. Bjorn took no offense and agreed the crown did not make an instantly beloved king. That he would have to earn everyone’s trust, especially after what had been going on in Thunder Rift over the past years.

Wolf called for his parents to join the group, and put the ancient crowns on their heads and introduced them to Bjorn as King and Queen of Thunder Rift Clan. His parents were taken aback that the ancient crowns had been found. Wolf mouthed that he would explain later. Bjorn was pleased to meet them since they were to be part of the area he would rule. They started to discuss potential trade agreements and land rights.

As the group broke up, Yari approached Bjorn, introduced himself and swore his allegiance to him. This was the first King he had ever met that he had not grown up with and felt very awed by him. Bjorn put him to ease as much as he could realizing that he was very green in being a king and would hit these different reactions from people in Thunder Rift. Distrust, awe, dislike, he would speak to King Kendric about it tomorrow to get some feedback from him on how he dealt with it over the years since becoming king.

AR 1217-06-03 Returning Heros get a surprise

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