AR 1217-05-27 Through 1217-05-31 Adventure in the old Thunder Rift Caves

2017 May 27th

That evening, Wolf came to the group with an assignment from his father, King Rogi. Help the Thunder Rift Clan. The older dwarves from the clan would close up the path the drow have made to their old keep, the kids would guard the fork to stop any drow that get through, and their group would kill any drow they find, recover the gems in the hidden treasury if they can find it. The group agrees to do it.

2017 May 28th

They left the next morning, and traveled three days to get to the fork. The path was smooth because it had been cut by a purple worm. Along the way the King told the group that his dwarves would gladly help in the fight against the master.

2017 31st

Once at the fork and after resting, they split up, one group staying, one heading down the tunnel leading deep into the underdark and their group headed toward the old keep.

The path toward the keep had been a lava tube and was extremely rough. Luckily most of the group could fly in one way or another and they made good time. After about 4 hours they were heading up a tunnel when they heard elven voices complaining. Yari went up invisibly and dropped ball bearings across the ground to get them to look away from the entrance. Then the rest of the group came up and got the jump on the drow. It was not long and they were all dead, even the demon the drow mage summoned. The group took the weapons and armor.

They traveled another hour and stumbled upon two dwarves chained together, burying their friend with stones. They introduced themselves as Derum Berthkver and Raker Davadorn. They explained a large group of them were captured while working in the mines below the Kirduhn Keep in the Bone Hills far south and west of Thunder Rift. They were burying their friend Bovak Khurkal. The drow priestess had found a portal to somewhere and had sent their Bovak through and he had come back dead, missing pieces of his body. The drow priestess did not want to smell the dead body so had sent them out to bury the body while she did some divinations to find out where the portal went. The group sent the dwarves back with the shackles removed.

Some of the group disguised themselves as the drow fighters they had defeated, two disguised themselves as the two dwarves they freed from the shackles, the others went invisible between the guards. They got near the priestess and at attacked her taking her down before she knew what hit her. It did not take long for them to defeat the rest of the drow.

The fight had taken most of the group out of the room and down the hall to prevent the remaining drow from escaping. While they were down there, Rissa was the only one who noticed a ghost of Gimer Queen Shar’s dead brother, stepping out of the portal. He mouthed “Help us! Help us!” toward her and then wisps of smoke pulled him back through the portal.

Once Krunch found out, he gave the rest of the group just 10 minutes, long enough for Wolf to re-summon Inuki, who the drow had killed. Then they all went through the portal, with Yari being the last one in walking backwards through the portal.

The other side of the portal, they were surprised to find themselves in Niffleheim. There they met Queen Marta and Gimer. The Queen explained that they were all dead but seemed to be stuck in Niffleheim for some reason. There was a Spirit Naga in the same location that told King Ovim that until they killed all the Slaad’s in the clan’s cave they could not cross over to Dwarfheim. With the Spirit Naga was a Shadow Dragon. They kept making the King feel guilty about all the dwarves dying and not crosing.

Finally the King agreed with them and started not only helping them kill the Slaad’s but also recruiting more of our dwarves to his way of thinking. But others continued to follow the Queen that siding with the Spirt Naga and Shadow Dragon was an evil thing and something else was preventing them from crossing over.

After a while, Gimer thought there was a chance that somehow the Spirt Naga and Shadow Dragon were what was keeping them in Niffleheim. Over time they tried to kill them, but one of them always got away at the last moment.

Over time, the two groups of dwarves fought as well, killing each other. Every morning, those who died the day before came back to life. This went on and on for years. They decided they needed help and the Queen prayed to the dwarven gods for aid. Soon after a portal opened up in the large audience room.

This made both groups want to check it out, which led to more fights over who would control the room and investigate the portal. During one of the times that the Spirit Naga and Shadow Dragon had control of the room, a dwarf came through the portal and the dragon bit his arm and leg off.

About an hour later the room changed hands back into the Queen’s hands. Not long afterwards, Gimer stepped through as a ghost and saw Rissa. Recognizing her, but almost immediately feeling a pull from Niffleheim, all Gimer had time to do is mouth “help us” twice before being pulled back through the portal. There he told his mother who he saw and they prepared for company.

The group agreed to try to kill both the Spirit Naga and Shadow Dragon at the same time to see if that would open up the way to Dwarfheim. Queen Marta explained that the dwarves still loyal to her would lead the ones they needed to kill into a large room that had only one exit. They would then attack and kill them.

The plan went flawlessly except King Ovim also joined the other two. He did not give up easily and fought both his grandsons trying desparately to kill them. They in turn gave no ground to him even after he almost killed Wolf and did kill Inuki. During the battle both of them tried to get him to see reason and repent. But Ovim had long ago crossed a line that he could not come back from.

Once the King and the Shadow Dragon was dead, the Spirit Naga tried to slip away with his dimension door spell. Yari tried to counter the spell, but failed, luckily the Queen had two other clerics standing by because the Queen was use to the Naga’s method. Luckily one of the other clerics were able to counter the Spirit Naga escape. The group killed the Spirit Naga before it could try to escape again.

Soon after, a dark portal opened near King Ovim’s body. Several black forms came out of it and reached into his body and pulled out his spirit. Ovim’s form screamed as they dragged him into the dark portal. Wolf and Krunch both called out silly goodbyes to their grandfather. Something about rot in Hellheim, and should have listen to us.

Then a large white light appeared in the wall of the room. Queen Marta looked at it as if she could hear voices coming from it. She turned toward the group and explained that killing them had worked. The light was the door to Dwarfheim. She called for her dwarves to come and they slowly walked through the white light.

Queen Marta walked over and pick up the crown that had rolled away from the King. She took off her own crown and walked over to Wolf. “Give these to your parents. They deserve to have the ancient crowns.”

Then she turned to the group and took a handy haversack out of a large pocket in her dress. I have gifts for you before you return back.” She proceeded to give the following gifts out.

A Jeweled Platinum Ring was given to Sardi saying, “I believe you will need this soon”. Sardi smiled at Rissa and she looked uncomfortable. – A large gold bracelet was given to Fran. “To enhance your beauty” – A brass mug with Jade inlay was given to Wolf, “Something to use to celebrate your future marriage” – A silver necklace with a blue gem stone pendent was given to Rissa, “To make your eyes stand out” – A gold dragon comb set with red garnets as eyes was given to Krunch, “For the love of your life Tizzy” – A ceremonial electrum dagger with a black pearl in its pommel, “This is for your wife who I met once when she delivered something for King Kendric to the keep before the earthquake. Her smile lit up the room.” – A obsidian statuette of a dragon with gold fittings and gold inlay, “I am sure you can find a wonderful spot in that new city of yours that Wolf and Krunch mentioned”

Then Queen Marta gave Wolf and Krunch a hug goodbye “I love you both. Share this hug with your parents please. Tell them I love them as well and will see them someday when they also cross over to Dwarfheim. But tell them not too soon!” Then she handed the handy haversack to Wolf and walked into the blazing while light.

The only one left was Gimer who had up to that time seemed to be lost in thought. He walked over and addressed the group. “The dwarven gods have asked me to give you gifts as well.”

He walked over to Wolf and reached out, “The crowns please nephew.” Wolf handed them to him. Gimer concentrated like he was channeling a higher power. They glowed, dust and dirt fell off them, and the jewels on them shined even more than one would think was possible. As he handed them back to Wolf he spoke, “Berronar has cleansed the crowns of all taint from the King, and gifted them both so that they will help your parents make wise decisions.” Wolf had been wondering if King Ovim’s crown would be safe for his father to use until that moment, but now no longer worry about it.

Gimer then walked over to Krunch. “Nephew your side ax please.” Krunch handed his lessor as to Gimer. “I am so sorry I will never be able to teach you what I promised. Clanggendin says you will be facing many undead and need some extra fire power. May this new undead slayer help you win your battles!” Krunch fought the tears that welled into his eyes as watched his uncle walk away from him.

As he approached Zen he had a smile on his face, “Your special sword please.” Zen pulled his butterfly sword and handed it to him. “Vergadain says that your sword has stopped recharging itself and needs a boost of power to get it going again so it has a chance to regain its full potential.” As he concentrated more butterflies than normal came out of it. As he handed it back to Zen, “You may not believe in the gods, but they believe in you.”

Gimer looked at Sardi next, “Give me your spear”, Sardi did and Gimer hands glowed causing the spear to glow. When it stopped, he handed the spear back. “Moradin says this will aid you in battle”. Sardi knew he would always treasure his gift from the god.

He then walked over to Franziska, “My dear Dugmaren says you have something special your sister gave you. May I see it?” She handed Gimer her war mage wand. “It may surprise you that he has knowledge of such things but he does.” He concentrated and then gave it back to her. “I believe you’ll find it is a touch more powerful now”. Franziska could feel the power had been amplified and could not wait to try it out in the school training room.

As Fran was dreaming of fire balls, Gimer walked to the white light in the wall, “Rissa, Dumathoin, who has long had a special rapport with Gaia, says you could use a bit of help with protecting yourself.” He reached into the white light and pulled out elven chain mail. Gimer walked over to Rissa and handed the armor to her. All Rissa could do is stare at the beautiful armor that a god had given her.

Gimer next went to Yari and placed his hand on his staff. “Berronar says your staff needs to be a bit more powerful at helping your friends in time of trouble. This should help.” Yari could feel the dwarven god of healing charging up the staff and knew it would come in handy.

Last Gimer snapped his fingers and the real Inuki and Clarice appeared from Alfheim without being summoned. He reached into his pocket and pulled out some silver coins and place one on Clarice’s stinger, and the others on Inuki’s front claws. “There my friends you can now hit things that require magic or dislike silver. Oh and Clarice take this ring to help you be harder to be hit by those trying to oppose you.” Then just like that he dismissed them back to Alfheim.

Then Gimer told them where to find the lair of the Shadow Dragon and Spirit Naga, gave the Thunder Rift Clan salute to Wolf and Krunch and finally with a smile on his face, walked into the light as he said “Goodbye my nephews and friends, use the gifts of the Dwarven gods wisely”. It closed immediately behind him, and the group was silent for a moment as they thought back on what had just happened. Then they found the lair and claimed the monsters treasure.

At last, they made their way back to the portal and returned to their own world. The portal folded in on itself and they knew it had been made by the gods to allow them to help free the dwarves from their imprisonment.

DM Note: Wolf’s Crowns are +2 to wisdom for those who wear them

Krunch’s +1 ax is also now an undead slayer

Zen’s sword is now +3

Sardi’s spear is now +1

Fran’s war mage wand is now +2

Inuke’s claw attacks are +1 to hit

Rissa has elven chain

Clarice: Ring of protection +1 that will only fit her, and stinger is now +1 to hit

Yari: staff of healing +2

4500 gold each for all of the fights that day

AR 1217-05-27 Through 1217-05-31 Adventure in the old Thunder Rift Caves

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