AR 1217-05-27 Back at the Golden Eagle Clan after party with Dragon

The group, Gretiem the Magnificent and her baby dragon, party for the night in the village. In the morning Franziska cast teleport portal and opened it up to the Golden Eagle Clan keep for all of them to step through too. Gretiem the Magnificent becomes a human before that so she will fit in the small room they are teleporting into.

There, King Kendrick and Queen Shar come and greet the group. Shortly after Tizzy and Sparky are reunited with their boyfriends, Krunch and Wolf. It is decided that the group will stay for several days as there is no rush to be somewhere.

Then Wolf’s parents and siblings arrive. During that first day Wolf’s father takes him aside to talk. Afterwards Wolf’s sister has words with Wolf also.

While that happens, Matt, Rissa and Yari’s brother, is sent for. After hugs, and talking for a bit, Matt tells them it is great timing that they have arrived when they did. He graduates on June 6th (in 8 days) and their parents and siblings are comng to the keep to see him graduate. They should be there any day now.

Yari messages Elsie and then Glinda and they brainstorm about if it is possible to get Elsie to the dwarven keep to see her parents. While there they could renew their vows in front of both their families since they were not there for the wedding. They determine it is doable, but since Elsie cannot be gone long, they need to wait for the parents to arrive. Elsie gets a message to the farmers to expect someone to teleport into their house soon, and not be alarmed. Yari messages his parents asking them to pick up Elsie’s parents on the way to Golden Eagle clan. They are just about to leave their home and will pick up Elsie’s parents on the way to the keep.

AR 1217-05-27 Back at the Golden Eagle Clan after party with Dragon

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