AR 1217-05-26 Rescue of the baby dragon of Gretiem the Magnificent

Elsie and Aldhis appeared early one morning to Silverbriar. They are exhausted and out of breathe. They had force marched for the past 24 hours from New Haven to bring the group information that could not wait for the raven courier.

They told them several days before, a group of around 100 well trained mercenaries had come through the town. They had been able to get them to divulge that they were headed to the cave of the copper dragon to steal its egg. The Executioner had already stolen some special food from the to-be-mother dragon, so now all the Master needed was the egg that by his reckoning should be hatching soon. They were to kill the dragon if possible, but get the egg at all cost.

The group memorized their spells and teleported via Glinda’s spell to an old ruin near the cave. She had been a friend of the dragons (Gretiem the Magnificent) before she trapped herself in Zen’s sword. She tells them of a back way into the cave that she used to enter.

On the way to the side tunnel into the cave, they go by holes in the cliff wall that goblins pop out of. They decide to just run past the holes instead of wasting time killing all of the goblins. Though a few of them fall to some fire ball spells and mauls and axes hits as they go by.

As they are getting close enough to hear sounds of battle in the distance, they see some mercenaries sneaking into what they presume is the side tunnel to the dragon’s cave that Glinda told them about. When they get to the tunnel, they sneak in and attack the mercenaries, preventing them from sneaking the egg out the back door.

As they start to head out the main larger tunnel while some stay back to protect the egg, now on a levitating disk, they hear something large hit the ground, and think the worse, that the dragon has been killed. But it is just stunned.

While the dragon is down, some more mercenaries come in to check on their friends getting the egg. The group starts to fight them, and the dragon wakes from being stunned and is even more pissed. It comes charging into the cave and the group quickly makes sure the dragon knows they are on her side and the egg is safe. She kills a few and leaves to go kill the rest outside while the group stays to finish the ones that are still there.

Once they are all dead, the Gretiem the Magnificent thanks the group but seems sad. They ask why and she explains that she has not been able to replace the pure copper she needs for when the baby is born. Without it, the baby will go wild and she will be force to kill her child to prevent it from killing others.

The group says they will get the pure copper if she can tell them where to obtain it. Gretiem the Magnificent explains about the ancient pathways that she has recently repaired. There is an opening to them in her cave.

They travel using the pathways and arrive to a wondrous site. An ocean far from home. They marvel at it for a bit, and then move off to find the village the dragon told them about. Both Rissa and Yari wonder if this is the same place that their parents talked about visiting when they traveled the ancient pathways.

They arrive just in time at the village to and find it under attack by 2 T-Rex adults and 1 Juvenal (to them big chickens, Inuki says they are bigger and different than the one he ate back in Kline) also several strange featherless birds with sharp and long pointy beaks.

The group save several children from being eaten and kill the T-Rex’s. The villagers are grateful and tell them how to find the pure copper.

On the way to the mountain they were directed too, they are forced to walk through really tall grass because there are more of the featherless birds. They are attacked by strange reptiles that walk on two legs that have two other very dexterous arms with sharp claws. The bite of the reptiles is nasty if they grab you with both hands. They are able to scare them away, and once they arrive near the mountain they realize something deadly has taken up residence in the mountain they need to go into. A Beholder from what Franziska remembers from her classes at school. They start trying to figure out how to approach it though none of them want to fight it since they have a nasty reputation of killing people with their eye rays.

Rissa calls on Gaia explaining what they need. The next thing they know the volcano in the center of the mountain erupts and a large rock heads their way. They scramble out of the way just in time and find that Gaia has delivered them a large chuck of pure copper from the heart of the earth

On the way back they are attacked again by the same critters who seem to have gone to get their friends. The fight is tougher and joined by the strange birds, but in the end the group prevails.

The villagers want them to stay to party with all the meat the group has provided them. But the group beg off saying they will try to come back soon. They travel to the dragon who is dealing with a newly born dragonet who is surly and getting worse. Gretiem the Magnificent is overjoyed with the group, and gives the pure copper to the baby. It calms down and retains its sanity.

The Gretiem the Magnificent agrees to go to the village with them to feed her and the baby, which she has not named yet.

AR 1217-05-26 Rescue of the baby dragon of Gretiem the Magnificent

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