AR 1216-08-15 Rissa bothers Yari and Elsie on their honeymoon

High up on the mountainside overlooking Silverbriar, outside the little hut dubbed the Honeymoon Suite, Yari lay looking up at the twilight sky, his bride resting her head on his bare chest. It had been a beautiful day, giving way to an even more beautiful night. As the light slowly drained from the world, Caelus one by one revealed his multitude of stars. A cool breeze caused Elsie to shiver slightly, and Yari pulled the blanket up around her shoulders. No words were being spoken, but much was being said in that perfect moment.

Then Yari caught something out of the corner of his eye. He focused his gaze in that direction to see something flying through the air in their direction. Not something, someone. It was a human on a broom. The figure was getting closer, and Yari groaned when he realized which human it was: Rissa.

As she approached, Rissa waved broadly and shouted a chipper sing-song greeting, “Hello, hello, hello, Newlyweds!”

Yari didn’t bother to hide his agitation. “Rissa, what are you doing here?”

“We need to talk; I have an idea,” Rissa said with a glint in her eye.

Yari recognized that look. It was the look his sister got when she was hatching one of her hair-brained plans. There was no stopping Rissa once she got going like this, and Yari knew it all too well. Thus, he sighed, rolled his eyes, and sat up. “Sorry, love,” he said to Elsie. This is just the quickest way to get rid of her, he finished so that only his bride would know.

“Okay, Rissa, what’s up?”

Rissa dismounted from her Broom of Flying. “Sorry to interrupt your special evening,” she said with a wink to Elsie, her tone making it obvious she was not very sorry at all. Rissa was smiling like someone who could barely hold in a surprise.

Elsie clutched the blankets tightly around her, in a gesture that suggested she was self-conscious about her nakedness underneath the heavy fabrics. Rissa clearly noticed this and seemed to be enjoying making Elsie feel that way. The bard said cattily, “Don’t catch cold, sister, we have so much to talk about!” While it was true that Elsie and Rissa were now sisters-in-law, it nonetheless felt awkward hearing the word spoken. Rissa continued, “So much, in fact, that I think you are going to want to spend all day tomorrow with me.”

Elsie looked to Yari, who only grimaced back at her. Rissa was caught up in a Thing, much the same way her husband had a tendency to get caught up in Things, and Yari clearly recognized it. Still, Yari’s Things had a tendency to work out for the best, and he seemed to be willing to hear his sister out; so, Elsie rolled her eyes and responded, “You don’t say?”

Yari’s patience with his sister’s sense of the dramatic was able to tolerate significantly more than this; however, he sensed his bride was getting frustrated, and so he interrupted, “Do you actually have a point, Sis?”

“You know I love you, Brother. And I love you too Elsie,” Rissa said somewhat convincingly. “I am so happy for both of you. And truly, it saddens me to think of you having to part ways so soon after getting married. That’s not fair. So I got to thinking…what if…” Rissa paused for dramatic effect. “Instead of going back to New Haven the day after tomorrow, you could stick around in Silverbriar for a few months?”

Elsie sighed. “I’d love to, but it’s just not possible. If Aldhis and I don’t return on time we’ll be in big trouble with the Syndicate. It would ruin everything we’ve worked so hard to put in place.”

“If only you could be in two places at once,” Rissa said glancing upward and tapping her lips as if deep in thought. “Hmm, maybe you can.” Rissa winked, and then said a few arcane words, causing an illusion to cover her from head to toe.

Standing before them was a flawless representation of Elsie. Rissa spoke in expert mimicry of the serving girl turned spy, “Old Elsie stays here with her hubby, and New Elsie,” the disguised Rissa pointed towards herself, “goes back to New Haven with Aldhis. We would have to spend all day tomorrow working together so I can learn your part. I know that’s not much time, but I bet I can pull it off. It will help that I can communicate telepathically with Aldhis, so if I get questioned about something I don’t know, she can fill me in without the person finding out. And, of course, I’d need to borrow your Hat so I can keep the disguise going longer than an hour. What do you think?”

Elsie just looked flabbergasted at Rissa then jumped up and hugged her fiercely with tears in her eyes, hardly caring her blanket had fallen off. “By the Gods, I love you dearly sister. We will be down in the morning and your ‘Elsie’ lessons will begin.”

Rissa had stiffened uneasily at the embrace. She wasn’t sure if it was the fact that a naked woman was hugging her so closely, or if it was just this particular woman. Then, Rissa looked again, and Elsie was fully clothed. Surprised, she glanced at her brother, who only shrugged in response. Can’t have my bride running around naked, now can I? Came his thoughts. Regular family of illusionists, us, huh Sis?

Rissa responded back to Yari’s mind with a lighthearted demeanor. Oh, what a relief. I figured your old penchant for nudity was rubbing off on your new bride.

As the twins shared their moment of silent communication, the now magically-clothed Elsie couldn’t help staring curiously at Rissa. It was strange looking at herself without a mirror.

“Um, so…” Rissa said, oddly ill at ease with the attention she was getting.

“Oh Rissa, I’m so grateful,” Elsie said, “But I would feel bad if I got to stay and Aldhis didn’t. She’s my best friend and she deserves to spend time with her husband too. Would you be willing to switch to Aldhis at some point in time so she too could enjoy time with Zen? I know it would mean the world to her. Maybe alternate a month as each of us until the group wants to go do some big fight you are needed for. That is if you don’t mind being away that much.”

Rissa nodded. “The giant queen estimates…”

“The giant queen’s estimates can wait ‘til morning, Rissa!” Yari interrupted. “Wonderful gift, Sis, honest. Thank you. Now, get out!”

As much as Rissa wanted to lay out every detail of her plan then and there, Yari was right. That was her cue to exit. The rest could wait for tomorrow.

After Rissa left, Elsie looked at Yari “You don’t mind right, that I stay here so much?”

“I don’t know,” Yari said, scrunching his nose at Elsie, “I might start to get tired of you.” Elsie hit him with a pillow.

AR 1216-08-15 Rissa bothers Yari and Elsie on their honeymoon

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