AR 1216-08-13 Yari and Elsie get married

Aldhis stood next to Elsie watching her and Yari take their vows. Aldhis knew they loved each other very much. The couple had opted to have a very small private wedding since neither of their families were here other than Rissa. Elsie had told Aldhis that they would renew their vows at a later date with their families in attendance. At that time Yari would have his father do the ceremony.

Aldhis was Elsie’s Matron of Honor, and Yari had Sardi as Best Man. Wolf had given Elsie to Yari since her father was not here. His teachings had been instrumental in keeping her alive these passed months in New Haven.

Behind Elsie and Yari, stood Rissa, Krunch, Wolf with Inuki by his side, Zen, and Franziska with Clarice on her shoulder. All witnesses to Yari and Elsie’s love for each other. Comrades not only in arms but there also for celebrations.

The cleric performing the ceremony was Dorf, one of the clerics of Odin they had rescued. Aldhis thought their vows were beautifully spoken from the heart. She knew this marriage would last till the gods called them to Valhalla. Which hopefully was not soon for either couple.

Afterwards, both newly married couples found separate caves that the Stone Giants had prepared that were already cleansed and overlooked the castle. There they would spend two blissful days before the gals had to head back to New Haven.

AR 1216-08-13 Yari and Elsie get married

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