AR 1216-07-28 Jail Break Day in Kleine

July 28th

Franziska helps Marrianne pack up stuff for her to take.

Zen goes through the city gates, heads over to the mason office and hires the rest of the Brick layers family. They exit the city with his contract in hand so they have no problem with getting everyone out. They tell the guards that Zen is staying for supper and will meet them at his home. When done, Zen goes over to the Mute Otter and awaits the appointed hour.

Wolf gets Coddell backpack filled with only essentials, and send him on his way on a donkey Wolf and he purchased. He is traveling with of the Ironforge family on the pretense that Coddell wants to see his son in Beechhedge before he dies.

Yari goes back to GOTH disguise since he now is known and there are posters up for his arrests already.

Rissa and Krunch go to the open air market at the time that Wolf indicated that the judge’s wife is there and Rissa is able to mind speak with her making sure she is ok with trying to be rescued. After being reassured that her husband Jamari will be notified she is safe, she relents to it being the best plan of action. She agrees to the plan the group has worked out and will be in the front bedroom on the second floor with her two kids with the door locked to the hallway around 8 pm.

Lina Kraus (Judges wife 31)
Mekhi Kraus (son (10))
Kourtney Kraus (daughter (8))

Yari scoops the temple of Odin out. He sends his ravens to the goat herder and vineyard to start moving toward the x on the map that he sends them leaving around 6 pm. They need to be there around 8 pm. They need to move in small groups so as to not attract anyone’s attention.

Krunch checks out the jail and finds that because of what happened yesterday at the temples, that Nails has called in many of his golems to help guard the jail. They will now have to just try to get the people out and not to kill Nails. Sadly, he will have to be left for another day and time

10:00 pm – It is a moon less night

Zen and Wolf is at sewer they are supposed to meet at near the jail waiting for the judge’s break out to be completed.

Near the starting point for Fenris’s run Inuki, in a hat of disguise, waits as a large dog, on the ground. Rissa, dressed in black on her broom 60 ft high up in the air above Inuki. Both of them are waiting for the signal to start the run.

Across the street from the judge’s house, Krunch, Yari, Franziska, wait for the signal to start. Hoo starts 100 ft above and away from Krunch toward the jail (5 minutes away from Wolf). Sardi with Clarice on his shoulder is about 120 feet from the judge’s house on the ground.

Then the Temple of Clanngendin priest and acolytes start chaos on the street near the judge’s home.

The group then do the following: - Fran cast detect magic (30 ft) (Traps released were: Arcane lock 2nd level)(Magic missile) (10 minutes)
- Yari cast invisible on Fran
- Fran moves to within 30 ft of the house to use detect magic
- Sardi down the street hit the window with magic with 2 dispel magic’s, one for the lock and one for any traps
- Fran checks with detect magic, and finds that the dispels both worked, so silently tells Clarice
- Clarice will nudge Sardi’s face to let him know it worked
- Sardi cast silence above the window that also includes the window, and into the room but not too far, and does not include the ground where the guards are standing. He then starts moving toward the jail as fast as he can taking around 20 minutes to get there.
- Clarice flies over to Krunch and rubs his face so he knows the window is ready for him. Krunch flies down and disables traps and unlocks the (2nd story) window
- Seeing Krunch leave for the window, Yari started flying to the jail that is about 10 minutes away.
- Krunch opens the window and wraps the smallest child up in a cloak he is wearing so the child cannot be seen (Stealth) and flies away with them to the sewer opening
- Franziska flies into the window, and moves just past the silence spell and cast invisibility on all of them. She puts the other child and the women on her broom and takes them to the same sewer opening.
- The dwarves waiting there take the judge’s family through the sewer and out of the town safely.
- Krunch tells Hoo to tell Wolf it worked. Hoo flies to Wolf and using a prearranged pattern, lets him know it worked and to proceed.

Fenris is started
- Wolf tells Inuki to start
- Inuki tells Rissa to start by howling in a certain way
- Inuki changes hat from big dog to fenris
- Rissa cast spells to make him glow and stuff
- Inuki howls and takes off to pull people away from the jail
- Rissa follows him casting 2 illusion spell(s) until Inuki disappears
- Rissa heads to sewer they are supposed to meet at near the jail using expeditious retreat

Prep for Jail break
- Rockett, the only acolyte not already either dead or at Silverbriar, positions herself in the sewer to help those escaping get down into it
- Wolf standing near the sewer they are supposed to meet at, recasts the summon stead spell to get Inuki back
- Zen stands guard while Wolf casts his spell just in case
- Krunch gets to the jail and takes his position on top of the jail waiting for the right moment to steel the keys from the guard
- Yari arrives at the jail and lets Krunch know he is there by a prearranged signal. He then moves to the ground invisibly and positions himself as close to the door as possible using his magic boots on to keep silent.
- Once Sardi arrives with Clarice back on his shoulder, Clarice rubs his face again to let him know that Franziska is now on the roof of the jail ready to cast wall of fire. Clarice flies off and tells Hoo who tells Krunch to pick the pocket as soon as it is safe to do so.
- Krunch pick pockets the keys from a guard from on top of the roof and then walks over silently to mage hand the keys to those coming from around the corner near the sewer opening where they have all been waiting
- Hoo then camps on top of one of the buildings to tell them when to come around corner when Nails comes out of his building

Jail break
- Nails comes out of the building to make sure things are ok
- Hoo hoots
- Wolf, Sardi and Rissa disguise as one of the guards not there at the moment, but others they know what they look like. They come around the corner escorting Zen to the jail
- Krunch uses mage hand to give them the guard’s keys he pick pocketed
- Franziska on the roof readies to cast wall of fire
- The group is allowed into the jail because they look like guards that work at the jail
- Yari slips into the jail also and readies putting the Fortress just outside the door with the doors open to each other
- Sardi cast silence on one of the two jail doors. They open both but only one makes sound as expected if guards were putting a prisoner into the jail cell
- While they are freeing the prisoners, Zen and Wolf search the other 4 rooms but find nothing important in the short time they have
- Yari sets the Fortress down and they all make their escape through the Fortress bottom door to get out through the top of the Fortress secret door at the top of it
- At the same time the Fortress is set down, Franziska puts down the wall of fire to try to block off the syndicate from getting to the sewer opening they plan to escape into
- Nails is not sure what is going on. Sends one of the golems and guards down the fired up street only to have them die when they are blocked by an illusionary wall put there by Rissa
- Sardi cast silence on top of the Fortress and the roof of the building next to it so the people walking on it during the escape do not make any noise
- The people get out of the Fortress via the escape opening on top and work their way across the roof of the other building and then down a rope that the group puts there
- With the aid of the group, all of the people who escaped the jail make it to the sewer opening safely
- Yari takes up the Fortress and moves away and sets it down again injuring several more of the golems and guards
- This infuriates Nails who has had enough and in a fit of rage starts to beat on the Fortress and does a lot of damage to it using his special God granted Channel Divinity vile damage. Later he will inform the Master of Melinir about it and the Master in turns informs the syndicate to destroy the Fortress if it ever appears again near them.
- The group gets away safety by blowing up one of the tunnels so no one can follow them out of the city

July 29th

3:00 am

Everyone is exhausted. They thought they heard pursuit from the city at different times, but they never caught their scent or found their foot prints. So although they were ready for a fight, none materialized.

Just before the ruins, fog forms, a popping sound is heard from the fog and a voice that claims to be Franziska’s father calls out for her to join them. Franziska tells Glinda to open the Arcane gate and as the group moves into it, the fog gets closer and then suddenly Anna the Valkyrie appears and tells them to run and save themselves. They do and make it through the gate just in time. They just barely save Anna from death in the process.

AR 1216-07-28 Jail Break Day in Kleine

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