AR 1216-07-28 Franziska I am your Father

“Oh, by the Gods, I can’t believe it actually worked,” thought Franziska as she flew invisibly above and beside the refugees, making their way to the portal. What a strange and incredible fight it had been, especially Yari’s house flipping. Everyone had done their job to perfection, even if some of the carefully laid plan had to be changed in the heat of battle. “Just a little bit further to reach the portal and away from the syndicate and their henchmen.”

“Franzisak – Franziska” a terrifying voice coming from somewhere behind the refugees. “Come to me Franziska. I have much to tell you.

“Why is it calling out my name” she thought, refusing to respond in any way. “Why me?”

“Franziska – I am your father.”

“No, my father is dead – murdered by whoever let lose the plague – Along with my sister Gerda and hundreds of others,” was what went through her thoughts as she strove to keep her mind closed. “How could anything be following, seeming to know where she was, even while she wore the Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location.

Suddenly the Valkyrie Anna appeared. “Run” she urged the people. “Run, you are not strong enough to face that which follows”. The voice calling Franziska’s name seemed to be growing closer and a mist was now following the refugees. Anna plunged into that mist and almost at once there came the sound of combat, screams and rending flesh. Then Anna’s bleeding and battered body was thrown out of the mist. Franziska quickly conjured a Tenser’s Floating Disk under Anna’s still form, intent on bringing her with them through the portal just ahead. Krunch grabbed Anna off the Disk and surged through the portal with her in his arms. Then the last of the people made it through to the other side as Glinda snapped the portal shut, cutting off pursuit, just in the nick of time.

After arriving back to the spire Franziska did her best to stay quiet, attend to her share of all that needed to be done, and hide the turmoil of emotions she felt. As soon as she could she sent Clarice off to her mother, Bridgett, with a note that only said “I’m coming to visit as soon as possible. I have some questions about father and his death.”

Soon after that she found Glinda. “I’m sure you have heard about the voice claiming to be my father that followed us to the portal. Indeed if it hadn’t been for your quickly snapping the portal shut behind the last of us, I shudder to think about the entity following us through. I need to see my mother as soon as possible to see what light she may shed on this.” This all in a rush without a pause for a breath. “Is there any way you can send me anywhere near her home?”

Glinda thought for a moment. “Hmm, Wolf has asked me to teach him first how to get the Misty Step to work, something about him and Krunch needing to leave as soon as possible and needing it for that. That will take a week I am sure, as Dwarves are not very attuned to water. In the meantime, here” Glinda handed her two books, “I promised you the counterspell for your spell book. You may copy any spell from them that you are powerful enough to cast, which I sense is more than what you could before you left. Sadly, I only had a chance to grab my Conjurer and ritual spell books before I had to hide. I recommend you save coping the Teleport Circle spell for the week I spend teaching you how to use it. We can then use it to teleport to the Golden Eagle Clan’s circle as a good first practice casting spot. Then since your friends are busy getting everyone settled, I will go with you. With two of us we should be safe enough. Besides, I do believe I would like to meet your mother in person. It will be fun, just the two of us.”

“I would like that very much” Franziska told her. “Both your company and any input before, during and after questioning my Mother. I can’t believe she knew anything and did not tell me. But there also still remains the possibility that this creature is lying to me and is not my Father after all. No, that’s not quite right. Even if he is using my Father’s body I can’t believe my Father is still there with any degree of control.”

“I don’t think it would be prudent to stay for more than a day or two, as much as I would like to stay longer” she continued. “I’m nervous about going at all since it seemed that somehow the Executioner was able to detect me even while I was wearing the Amulet while flying invisibly. I don’t want to attract anything to Mom and Zelig. At least if something happens here, we have people who know how to protect themselves and others.”

“Oh, one more thing. Please allow me to return the favor. After I finish copying spells from your book, please look through my book for any spells I may have come across that you don’t have in your books.”

Glinda smiled at her. “Thank you, it will be good to have something besides Conjuration spells, even if they are my favorite to cast. And this Executioner, whom ever he is, probably did not know exactly where you were as it sounded like he addressed the entire area. But we will check your amulate before we leave to make sure it is still working properly. I also think between the two of us we can get between the Golden Eagle Clan and Walden where your mother is in mere hours invisibly so we keep our visit to your mother as secret as possible.”

Franziska smiled for the first time since getting back. It would be so good to see her mother and spend time with Glinda, someone who shared the same magical talent as her.


AR 1216-08-16 Franziska visits her Mother and Brother

AR 1216-07-28 Franziska I am your Father

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