AR 1216-07-24 Second day of planning jail break in Kleine

July 24th

The group discussed in the morning what to name the new town and castle. They decided that the town would have one name and the castle another. They pick out two names and when Glinda checks in with Franziska they ask if she likes the names and thinks they are great.

The town of Silverbriar Vollanspire castle

Glinda told Franziska she still thought she would be ready on the 28th if all goes well. So the group decided to split up to try to be able to get everything done they needed to in the coming days so they were ready for the jail break on the evening of the 28th. Because of the preparations they had to do to get into the city, they got a staggered start as Rissa did worked on all of their makeup one at a time.

~ Krunch

The first to be ready to go was Krunch who used his sneakiness to slip by the guards using his boots of flying. It takes a while to learn the timing of the guards, but he is able to get past without arousing any suspicion. He headed to the jail and checked out how many people were still in there and the lay of the land. He found that two of them were missing and when checking around found them with Who’s help across the street. They had been changed into Flesh Golems by the red haired dwarf called Nails, as he learned later. He did his speech thing with each of the people in the jail letting them know they would be rescued. He also talked to the brother who along with his sister had stolen money from the syndicate. Carson informed him they had no family and would be happy to be broken out of the jail.

Carson Sites (18)
Sonia Site (17)

Then Krunch found where the laundress family lived and finally headed over to the Mute Otter to meet up for dinner with the group.

~ Zen and Yari

The second ones ready to go in was Zen and Yari. Yari was invisible as always in Kleine, and Zen was made up to look like an older person who was seeking the brick layer who was supposed to do work for him, but had not showed up. He got permission to be in the town till 9 pm.

Once in, Zen, with Yari carefully following so as to not get bumped into, went to the mason guild, where one person outside asked if he had any work they could do. Zen said no and went inside. There he found the head contractor and asked where Quincy Driver was since he never showed up. Zen was told he had been arrested for trying to kill the Burgonmaster, and was told it might be safer not to draw attention to the fact he had a contract with the man. Zen asked for Quincy’s family home because he had given Quincy some valuable material and wanted to get them back if he could not do the work. The man grudgingly gave him directions.

Once there, they found Quincy’s wife, Maura, in a depression over the thought of losing her husband so soon after her youngest son died. Yari showed himself and they found that she would willingly leave the town with only the shirt on her back if she could get her husband back. She told them that she would get her family gathered by 8 pm to have to verify that all of them were safe to trust.

From there they headed over to the temple with Yari back to being invisible. Once at the temple, Zen found the High Priest Hafborg, and a safe room where Yari showed himself. Zen had a good suggestion that Yari acted on. To get some acolytes for the new temple they would build. That they could administer to the people moving to Silverbriar when the Silverthorn was out fighting the syndicate.

The first acolyte Father Hafborg brought in was Derrik. He was young and a zealot from what Yari could tell. Considering there was only going to be one temple shared with all of the good gods as is commonly done in small communities, Yari did not want this type. So told him he would let him know and dismissed him.

The second was a woman of about 35. Father Hafborg introduced her as Dorthy. Yari took an instant liking to her and accepted her on the spot.

The third was a brass young kid who was very green behind the ears, an orphan but enthusiastic. Father Hafborg went to introduce him then paused and asked what name he was going by that week. He said Bender and proceeded to impress Yari with his eagerness though told him as he left he needed to settle on a name.

Yari told Father Hafborg, he would take the last two. Then Yari asked to borrow some priest robes as he did not want to cast another invisibility spell, and needed to move about the town and not be seen easily. He was granted them, and during the process of finding ones that fit, Father Hafborg and Yari were alone. Yari asked if he would be willing to ordain him and Sardi into the priesthood that night and if Yari could spend the night. Father Hafborg said to come back and he would pray to Odin to see if that is his wish for him to do that. Yari accepted that and he and Zen left the temple to meet the group at the Mute Otter for dinner.

~ Wolf and Franziska

The third ones ready to go in was Wolf and Franziska. They get by the gate to the city by posing as an Old dwarf and his granddaughter. He is there to visit his old dwarven friend Coddell that Wolf had heard about retiring to Kleine before the earthquake destroyed the Thunder Rift Clan. They are given 4 days and then must recheck in or leave the city.

They decided to go to Kaya’s to find out where the judge’s family lived. Just in case they are being listen to, she tells them cryptically how to find it. Something about the ingredients for Sourcrout. She draws a map putting an x where a good pickle shop is and then silently pointing to two houses down from it. They head there, and along the way notice that they are being followed by two men.

They got to the pickle shop and purchased really good vinegar, the expensive stuff that the Burgonmaster likes. From there they walked to the shop that sold salt, which let them pass by the Judge’s home, where they saw it was protected by two guards. After buying top notch sale, again stuff that the Burgonmaster likes, they head to the open air market to get cabbage. On the way they walk by the back alley that the Judge’s home butts up too. They see two more guards in the back of where they assume the house is.

They stop and ask one of the guys, who have by now split up, following them for directions to the open air market. He stammers the answer and then moves off when they head up hill to the market. Now the other guy starts following them instead.

At the open air market, they buy from the lessor purchased from cabbage stall, and then ask the other guy following them directions to Coddell’s. He reluctantly points in the direction away from the market and they head there. They are followed to the dwarves home and then ignored. Turns out they find that they were just a random choice of following up on people who had entered the city that day.

Once there, they finally convince the old cranky dwarf that he actually knows Wolf’s character he is playing from long, long ago. So Coddell lets them in. There they start reminiscing about old times. Coddell gets them both some Golden Eagle Clan ale and Franziska not use to drinking much that is in intoxicating, gets drunk. Wolf slyly uses his remove disease to cure it.

Wolf leads the conversation to Kleine and who is in the city. Coddell tells them about Nails and describes him and that he is a piece of nasty business, and should be avoided. Coddell has decided to wait out the syndicate. He figures he will still outlive them, even if he is very old, after all they are just humans.

Franziska goes to bed pretending she has drunk too much and then slips out and heads to the Mute Otter to meet up with everyone. Wolf has dinner with Coddell and they share more stories. Wolf notes them so he can retell them tomorrow from as if they happened to both of them, so Coddell thinks even more that they have known each other for a long time and shared many adventures together. Once Coddell has gone to sleep, Wolf slips out and heads to the Mute Otter.

~ Rissa and Sardi

Last to go into the town is Rissa and Sardi. She is dressed up as a traveling minstrel. Sardi is made up to be her boyfriend/body guard. They get passed the gate by saying they heard there is work at the Mute Otter and they are heading there to apply. The guard lets them through telling them that that if they get the jobs then they will have to return for the citizenship papers for the city, else he will expect them back to leave the city.

They head over to the Mute Otter and Rissa lands a job as the minstrel after doing a great job in her performance. They do not need a bouncer, but will take Sardi on as gofer, doing odds and ends. While touring the room they will stay in, Stefan’s old room, the one in jail, they start talking to them about getting away and rescuing Stefan from jail. They get tested using the Zone of Truth in waves, since well someone has to tend the inn, and they all pass. They are willing to leave and start a new life if it means saving their son.

Minstrel’s family:

Javion Delvalle (Stefan’s father (42) – Mute Otter owner)
Mckayla Delvalle (Stefan’s mother (41) – Mute Otter owner)
Ben Delvalle (Stefan’s brother (24) – works at the Mute Otter)
Stephan Delvalle (20) – Minstrel in Jail for singing a song about the Burgonmaster that was not flattering
Tatyana Moss (Ben’s wife (22) – works at the Mute Otter)
Jaxson Delvalle (Twin Sons of Ben and Tatyana (2))
Bennett Delvalle (Twin Sons of Ben and Tatyana (2))

~ 8 pm:

Zen and Yari, in borrowed priestly robes, show up at Quincy’s home. There the Zone of Truth spell revels that all of the family are safe to explain more to and take with them.

Brick Layers family:

Fidel Driver (Father of Qunicy (58) – Brick layer)
India Driver (Mother of Qunicy (58) – Lives with other sone Bran)
Bran Driver (Brother of Qunicy (42) – Brick layer)
Shaniya Driver (wife to Bran – ½ orc (40) – Brick layer)
Darin Driver (son to Bran and Shaniya (24) – Brick layer)
Ciera Driver (daughter to Bran and Shaniya (22) – takes after her mom’s orcish so not very cute – Brick layer)
Quincy Driver (36) In jail from trying to revenge his son’s death by killing the Burgonmaster
Maura Driver (wife of Quincy (30) – stay at home mom)
Yadira Driver (daughter to Quincy and Maura (16) helps with brick laying)
Carly Driver (daughter to Quincy and Maura (14) helps with brick laying)
Ian Driver (son to Quincy and Maura (12) helps with brick laying)
Kaydence Driver (daughter to Quincy and Maura (10) helps with brick laying)

~ 9 pm:

After hearing Zen’s great idea of getting acolytes, Wolf heads to the temple of Sif and asks the High Priest Trevor to find at least one as well that would be willing to go with them, and to check them with a Zone of Truth. They should both go over to the temple of Odin sometime during the day so they can meet all together with Yari and Sardi. The Father Trevor thinks he has just the person.

Krunch also thought it was a good idea and not wanting to have dwarven gods left out, he heads over to the temple of Clanggendin, where he meets up again with the High Priest, Father Creb. Together they come up with the best dwarf to send. But Krunch also talks to him about possibly other dwarves that might be interested who have no love for the syndicate, in particular craftman and woman who can help with building the new city and temple. Though he warns Father Creb, there will be no mining as the Stone Giants have all of the rights to the mountains, and they are their allies.

Zen left town through the gate on the side of the Hollow Sword and made his way by himself to the inn. He thought about what Alhdis was doing and if she would accept his proposal. And how blasted long it might be before he could see her again.

Yari and Sardi made their way over to the temple of Odin. They were escorted into them temple where Father Hafborg waited for them in small side chapel dedicated to Odin as Father to all. They were handed ceremonial robes which they slipped into. Father Hafborg informed them, that his divination spell had informed him that they had more than earned entry as Priest of Odin, and it was his honor to do the ordination ceremony for them. After which, Sardi told Yari that he felt the need to memorize the divination spell that morning and had not known why. Yari leapt at the thought that they could try it out that night. Though there was no time to find out what their other friends wanted to ask, so he and Sardi came up with the question. The one thing that they feared was running into the Executioner during their trying to break the citizens out of the jail. So they posed the question to find out the answer as well as to test out how well it worked.

They found a quiet spot in the temple that no one could overhear them nor interrupt the. Sardi cast the spell and asked “What is the Executioner doing at this moment”?

A faint whisper of fog formed in front of them in the form of a Valkyrie. As it took shape, but did not harden, they heard Anna’s voice “Looking at a picture of Franziska” and then Anna dissipated.

Sardi and Yari looked at each other and wondered why, but then hugged each other in glee that it had worked. They would have to tell their friends tomorrow night and see what else they should ask. Sardi would prepare the spell again for tomorrow.

Sardi and Yari spent time in prayer until 2 am.

~ 2 am

Once the bar closes at the Mute Otter, the group, except Zen, meet up and help Inuki appear again as Fenris to walk the city, getting worse than the night before.

Rissa and Sardi head back to the Mute Otter to sleep.

Yari heads back to the temple to sleep

Krunch intended to sleep with Who watching on the roof near the jail to try to get more intel, but found that there was a few too many patrols that included the roof. So when he thought he had learned enough, he headed over to the temple of Clanggendin to get some rest.

Franziska, and Wolf slipped back into Coddell’s home with no problem to sleep. Wolf summoned Inuki to find out the how things were going in Elfheim, then the two fell asleep, each secure in the knowledge that if something happened, they would be there for each other.

AR 1216-07-24 Second day of planning jail break in Kleine

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