AR 1216-07-23 First Day Planning the Jail Break in Kleine

The group rose early and ate. During the morning they got the information from various visitors to the Hollow Sword about whom was held in the city’s jail.

Around 10 In the morning Clarice made it back from visiting Glinda. Then shortly after that Glinda communicated with Franzeska telling her that she has thought all night about how water blocked the vibrations from the rift walls that was preventing teleportation. Glinda thinks in 5 to 7 days that she can solve the problem. Glinda offers to open a portal in an old temple ruins about an hour West of Kleine. She will chat with Franzeska every day, once in the morning and once in the evening until the group knows when they want her to open it. When they get back, she will teach them how to bypass the vibrations as well.

The full jail information is tallied together:
- Farmer’s wife (LLiana Larue (Helms) – 26) – sold a piece of pie to the Burgonmaster in the market place, and when she took a bite, she found she had eaten half a cockroach. Said she did it on purpose so she had her arrested and throw in jail. Farmer must pay 1000 gold to get her out.
- Goat herder (Irving Schreck and two sons Cassidy (10)) and Douglas (8)) – when he was bringing in some goats for selling at the market, he did not clean up their poop fast enough. The Burgonmaster stepped in some accidently. Threw goat herder and two of three sons into the jail. Sent the third older son home to get money to pay the fine. Fine is 1000 gold.
- Wine maker from grapes they grow (Isabelle and Porter Delisle and son Johnathan) – Wine bought at market they made, made the Burgonmaster sick. So threw the husband, wife and small son in jail until their parents can pay the fine of 1000 gold to get the boy out. But the parents are going to be tried for their crime.
- Brick Layer (Quincy Driver) was caught red handed setting up a brick trap to fall on the Burgonmaster’s head. He is being held for trial and will hang if found guilty. They say it is because the Burgonmaster was riding in the city too fast and ran over his son one day and killed him.
- Laundress (Lizette Kahle) – Ruined Burgonmaster Hine Moana’s favorite party dress. Got accidently washed with something red, and stained the dress permanently pink which she hates the color of. Waiting for family to work the debt out to pay for a new dress. 500 gold. The dress was sent to Melinir to be replaced.
- Minstrel (Stefan Delvalle) – He was singing raunchy songs about the Burgonmaster at a private dinner. But word got around and he was arrested for it. They are planning a trial.
- Carson Sites and his sister Sonia Sites – They got caught trying to steal from the syndicates protection money. They are scheduled to be hung 5 days after they talk to them.

The group decides to first visit the families of those in prison who live outside the walls of the city.

They visit them in this order:

Farmer’s wife’s family who live west of the city (ie: toward the ruins the portal will be open at). They find them receptive to going with them to a safer place. They pass the zone of truth tests. They are:

- Stephon Helms (52) – father of Lliana
- Camryn Helms (Sitton) (52) – mother of Lliana
- Destin Helms (34) – brother of Lliana, not married, has a curved back but a nice smile and warm heart. The age difference between Destin and Lliana is from Stephon and Camryn waiting till they could pay the temple of Odin to lift the curse they felt was on them that caused Destin’s deformity)
- Lliana Larue (Helms)(26) – the one who is in jail for selling the pie with a cockroach in it
- Nathan Larue (25) – husband of Lliana
- Myah Larue (6) – daughter of Lliana
- Niko Larue (2) – son of Lliana
- Carolyn Larue daughter of Lliana who died in the plague

Goat herder family who live south of the city (ie: away from the lake). They meet one of the lads on the way to the city to sell more goats to try to get enough money to buy his father’s and brother’s freedom. The extended family is receptive to going with them to a safer place. They pass the zone of truth tests. Yari buys some of the goats saying they can keep them though and all babies are theirs. The family members are:

- Levi Troyer (60) – father-in-law of Irving Schreck – he makes goat cheese
- Eden Troyer (Carlton) (59) – mother-in-law of Irving Schreck – she spins blankets from the goat hair
- Abram Troyer (38) – brother-in-law of Irving Schreck – he also raises goats
- Eden Troyer (40) – wife of Abram – helps Eden with making blankets
- Dawn Troyer (24) – unmarried daughter of Abram and Eden – helps with goat cheese
- Veronica Troyer (23) – unmarried daughter of Abram and Eden – helps with goat cheese
- Issta Troyer (22) – unmarried daughter of Abram and Eden – makes the meals and tends to the family needs
- Audrey Schreck (Troyer) (35) – wife of Irving Schreck – helps with blankets
- Irving Schreck (36) – In jail with his sons for not cleaning up the goat poop fast enough in the market before the Burgonmaster stepped in it. Came from Tempest Keep area.
- Carl Schreck (16) – son of Irving Schreck – helps with goats – is the one they met on the path to town
- Irene Schreck (14) – daughter of Irving Schreck – helps with goats
- Cristina Schreck (10) – daughter of Irving Schreck – helps with goats
- Cassidy Schreck (10) – son of Irving Schreck and twin to Cristina – helps with goats – currently in prison with his father
- Douglas Schreck (8) – son of Irving Schreck– helps with goats – currently in prison with his father

Wine maker family who lives east of the city (along the edge of the lake). The extended family is receptive to going with them to a safer place. They have not been able to find someone to buy the vineyards. They pass the zone of truth tests. They are not so sure about their neighbors though. The family members are:

- Casey Macmillian (44) – father of Isabelle – makes great wine from the grapes the family own
- Marianna Macmillian (Comeaux) (43) – mother of Isabelle – makes the meals and tends to the family needs
- Travis Macmillian (22) – brother of Isabelle – tends grapes and makes wine
- Leland Macmillian (20) – brother of Isabelle – tends grapes and makes wine
- Isabelle Delisle (Macmillian) (26) – in jail for wine that made the Burgonmaster sick
- Porter Delisle (28) – husband of Isabelle – in jail
- Johnathan Delisle (8) – son of Isabelle – in jail

Once done with the three families outside of Kleine, they head into town using the sewers. In them they run into a pack of were rats, one of whom is an accomplished mage. But they are finally able to defeat them and move on to an opening into the city itself that is about 2 blocks from the jail.

Close to dinner now, they decide to finally meet the other three ex-students from the Golden Eagle academy that live in Kleine.

They first stop at “Heal to Toe”, a cobbler shop owned by Jools and Tamera but run by Erik Haugen and his wife Goya. Erik, a human monk, graduated 8 years before the group did from Gargoyle case. The group has never met him before. Fran orders a pair of Brown boots out of Goat skin. Rissa orders a cream colored pair of dancing shoes. They finally reveal themselves as ex-students who are trying to take down the syndicate. They agree to have the zone of truth done on them and pass. Goya’s parents live on the third floor and will have gone to bed by now. Erik wants to join in fighting the syndicate but can only do that once his son, Marcos, and wife are safe. They like the idea of going with them. They will feel her parents out about leaving the next day, as they live on the third floor and will be asleep by now. They also know some others that might be interested that could help at the new place they are going as well as train to fight the syndicate.

Their second stop is to “KeysRUs”, where Kaya Little, a halfling rogue from Gargoyle case works and lives. She graduated 4 years before the group. Her husband Ambross, also a halfling, works with her at the shop. They live on the second and third floors of the shop. By the time they stop by, the ship is closed and the lights are out except on the second floor. The group breaks in through an extremely difficult trap and lock. But they make too much noise in the shop and Kaya and her husband Ambross hear them. They demand to know who they are, and when Rissa tries to talk her way in, Kaya recognizes her voice (from the plays and living with her for two years in the same cave). Kaya happily lets them in and introduces her husband Ambross and her daughter Shaelyn, a one year old. They love the idea of getting away. Kaya says she will help with the fight once Ambross and Shaelyn are safe from retribution. They do not think it would be wise to tell Ambross’s parents as they believe things are better with the syndicate. His parents, Georgio and Rona, keep bringing up how there has been no new plagues nor earthquakes since the syndicate took over. The fees for protection of the inn, “The Crayfish”, that they own in town are not that high. Far less than they used to lose to thieves in the past. Kaya’s brother, on the other hand, might be a candidate to go with them. Lando, he is a cook at the inn named Vano. Kaya does not know for sure which side her brother is on. He comes over rarely now that the syndicate is ruling the town. He has not seen Shaelyn since she was born. She will request that he come visit either tomorrow or the day after to determine if he should be invited or not.

Their third and final stop was to meet Marianne. By now it is close to 8 pm, so Krunch knows she is still awake. They stop by the “Hyac Jars” shop and upstairs they see a light on. Krunch flies up and politely knocks. She lets everyone in but they find her quite depressed. She starts talking about how she wished things had not happened the way they had. Having seen the alternative future, they tell her it could have been much worse. She asks how since her husband Petrus and daughter Ester died in the plague. And both her parents died in the earthquake. With both of Petrus parents blaming her for their son and granddaughters death, she has been very alone since the syndicate took over. The group tells her their plans and express that they need her. In particular, they ask for some bombs for collapsing some of the sewer tunnels to help in their getting the prisoners out of the jail. She agrees to do it if they can get her some special kelp. Krunch agrees to obtain them. She says she will join them and then brightens for just a moment when she asks if Lando, Kaya’s brother is going to be joining them. They tell her they do not know yet. Then she sullens. After they leave, Krunch goes up to her window and hears her crying softly. Does she blame herself or the troubles, or just feeling guilty for feeling something for another halfling other than her now dead husband. Krunch did not know but maybe time would heal her wounds if she spends her time freeing the city from the syndicate.

Before they head back to the Hollow Sword, they split up. Krunch gets the kelp for Marianne. The others set up an elaborate ruse for Inuki to be taken for Fenris. Zen and Franzeska talk to the different high priests at the temples to start rumors that certain syndicate members are releasing Fenris.

Then the fun begins, Wolf calls for Inuki near the home of the same syndicate guy as before. Explains the plan and then casts Santuary on him to try to decrease how many will be able to attack him for the first minute. As the glowing Inuki runs through the town, there is a large howl and clap of thunder which both echo through the streets sounding like the gods. This sends shivers down the spines of those out and about protecting the city for the syndicate. Inuki is aided for getting away from those trying to follow him with special ability to turn better than normal. Where Inuki has stepped, turns into frost, and the walls of the city as he passes them frost over as well. Those windows Inuki passes that are unlocked, burst open. The illusions fool everyone, and the syndicate in the city turn out in force to try to carrel and kill him. Once hurt enough, he mentally tells Wolf to send him back to the Elfheim.

The group makes their way back through the sewer tunnels to the Hallow Sword knowing they have laid the ground work for their diversion to break the prisoners out of the jail.

AR 1216-07-23 First Day Planning the Jail Break in Kleine

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