AR 1216-07-18 Nasty people attack on the way to Kleine

The morning was bright and clear. It bode well for their travel to Kleine. The group had decided to skip Beech Hedge since they had just been there, and it would cut out a day travel. So Krunch sent Who on to Martin to tell them when they would be arriving approximately and to meet them at the Hollow Sword.

They were a couple of hours after leaving the giant tunnels and were just coming out of the last mountain pass when they were ambushed by a group of mercenaries from the syndicate. The leader of the mercenaries hinted that they had been easy to find, but before anyone could get them to say how, Yari attacked just after he realized it was the same group that they had run from in the temple 6 days ago, and he was done running.

The battle was fierce, their mage kept Franzisaka from casting spells until she hid behind a rock so the mage could not counter Franziskas spell. All of the mage spells and weapon attacks from the warriors and range fighter were causing what they later understood was permanent vile damage. Yari especially took the blunt of the vile damage as the fighter seemed to focus on him, trying to take out one of the clerics. Wolf was able to use his new toy manicles and some herbs stuffed into the mouth to lock down one of the mercenary clerics who kept healing the mercenaries. Krunch took out the range fighter who had poison as we as doing vile damage on his arrows. Rissa found by staying up high above the explosions from the mercenaries mage that she was able to be effective and not take any of the vile damage that seems to be hitting everyone else. As a desperate measure, Sardi tried his new spell from Odin, and banished the mercenaries mage. Once it worked, the tides turned on the mercenaries. They were able to kill the two warriors, and remaining cleric. Then they lined up to stomp the crap out of the mage when she returned from her banishment. She never knew what hit her when she reappeared.

After that they questioned the handcuffed and mouth stuffed cleric mentally. Not allowing him any chance to cast any spell to get away. Good thing too, as they confirmed what the rogue told Krunch during battle, that they had been tracked using scrying using the hairs of Inuki and blood of Clarice. They searched the dead mercenaries and found remnants on the mage, which was destroyed along with any on the ground from the just completed battle. They group was just thankful that the mercenaries had waited to tell anyone how they had tracked the group. They would have to be more careful in the future.

They also asked how the cleric would best take out the Executioner, and was shown from far away and with massive force. Then they smashed in the mercenaries heads to make sure no one could raise dead or speak with dead and get information from them.

They searched the bodies and found only 195 gold and the broom that the mage was riding. Franziska drooled as she found a spell book on the mage. She had it checked for traps and then opened it. To her surprise it was all blank, with a note in it from the dead mage saying: “– I am not that stupid as to let you get my spell book in case we fail!” Sardi took the broom.

The group tried to take the armor and weapons from the mercenaries but found them to be tainted with evil. Not knowing how to remove the taint yet, several of them communed with their gods to figure out the best way to dispose of the items so as to not get into the hands of anyone else. Rissa said that Gaia could take them, body and all, and burn them in her furnace. Not trusting this solution, Wolf checked and got adherence from his gods that it was the best way at this time. He also learned the way to remove the vile damage was to be healed on hallowed ground in the temples in Kleine. So Rissa had Gaia opened up the earth and ate the bodies after the group stepped back away from the bodies.

Feeling like they had done all they could, they moved on to Kleine to find hallowed ground at the temples there to heal the vile damage done to them.

AR 1216-07-18 Nasty people attack on the way to Kleine

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