AR 1216-07-17 AM Krunch and Wolf chat

The following takes place on the morning before Krunch has his discussion with Yari

Krunch leaned down to scratch Inuki behind the ears, a quizzical whine coming from deep in the wolf’s throat. Krunch gave a low chuckle as he slipped a treat to the animal.

“Not that it will do much good.” Krunch whispered low enough so that only Inuki could hear. Speaking more loudly towards Wolf who was still pretending to sleep “If ye’d like ta join me fer a walk I’d like ta discuss some plans.”

Opening one eye while continuing to “snore” Wolf gave a low grunt and sat up. “I guess stretching my legs wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

Several minutes and a detour to the kitchens for breakfast later the two dwarves emerged from one of the stone giant’s tunnels. The sky was dark overhead with just a hint of light starting to show in the east. Sending Inuki to scout ahead the young dwarves enjoyed the early morning breeze for a few minutes before speaking.

Krunch started “I’ve been thinkin’ on tha last month or so. When Franz decided to tip our hand back in Melinir things went sort o’ sideways.” he shook his head “Of all tha times we were warned ta not split tha party, that was na’ one of tha consequences I had considered.”

“An’ now Yari is thinkin’ we can jest raise an army by chattin’ with a few folks an’ spreadin’ a little bit o’ gold.” Krunch sighed “I know he means well an’ his heart is in tha right place but it’s gonna take more than a few weeks ta build a resistance.”

Wolf looked up from the stuffed mushroom the dwarves had grabbed for breakfast. The giants hadn’t quite figured out how small a portion was needed by their guests, but neither dwarf had corrected them yet. A questioning “Mmmph?” was all he had to say.

Krunch glanced sideways at his friend, wondering if it was just his imagination that the more time Wolf spent with Inuki the more Wolf seemed to be picking up the animal’s habits.

“I’m thinkin’ we need ta give the master a bit o’ a poke in the eye in Klein by freein’ the prisoners an’ tha judge’s family. But then it’s time ta do some work in Melinir. Jest tha two of us.”

If the growl from Wolf’s direction was just his stomach responding to the oversized breakfast, it was well timed and Krunch took it as agreement before continuing on.

“I’ll have ta requisition a hat from Sardi o’ course. An’ we will have ta take a week or two after we get back ta help get things set up.”

“After that Yari an’ tha rest can more than handle tha organization an’ trainin’. I’m thinkin’ we have at least a few months afore tha place is set an’ we have some troops trained. Enough time ta see if we can get close enough ta get somethin’ useful.”

Wolf finally responded in a growling voice “About time we did something.”

Krunch was silent for a minute before responding “I plan on comin’ back from tha mission. If I see a chance ta take the head o’ tha snake I’ll take it. But … ” pausing for emphasis “we need information more than we need ta kill tha bastard right now. An’ I think he’s jest a pawn in any case.”

AR 1216-07-17 AM Krunch and Wolf chat

Thraes Aljergensen