AR 1216-07-12 It tingles and travel to Beach Hedge

August 12th

The group woke up in the morning slightly sore from the previous day’s activities. They immediately sent a letter via Yari’s remaining Raven to Kleine to say they would be delayed in returning to Kleine. Then they proceeded to head toward New Haven.

Around 10 am as the group was walking along the forest edge, the started to feel edgy, like their skin was tingling. They thought it might be a trap, or some monster. They stopped and tried to determine what was causing it. They finally figured out it was no monsters close, but the walls of the rift that was causing the effect on them. They experimented and found that teleportation, including Misty Step would no longer work. But could not determine what caused it. Glinda told them once she was back with her body that she might be able to find a way around it using old methods of teleportation.

They traveled on to Beach Hedge where they met up with the resistance group that lived there. They told them that in the three days since they had left they had been able to distribute a few of the weapons the group had given them. They had also set up a training schedule where the people would come to the barn once a week to learn to use the weapons better. They are grouped according to what they think they can best do, weapons, staves, magic, or thieving. The group asks if any of the resistance in Beach Hedge can travel to Kleine to help train there. They decline the offer. All but one have family in Beach Hedge. And the one that could go is not that charismatic and does not feel he can help the Kleine folks organize.

AR 1216-07-12 It tingles and travel to Beach Hedge

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