AR 1216-07-11 The group raids an ancient treasure room and takes stuff

Vault Treasure picked up in the short time you had. Once you have time to cast identify and to play around with them, you find out the following:

- 105 platinum (from the pile of Platinum in the room)
- 2 Bars of mithral that is enough to make armor for two people

- Spectacles of Wisdom (model after headband of intellect + 2 wisdom up to 19) (half the normal weight. Adorned with symbols of nature: leaves, vines, stars and the like) (You have heard of this item. It was once used by a cleric of Odin over 500 years ago to fight evil) (Unbreakable. Cannot be broken. Special means must be used to destroy it)(Wolf)
- Belt of Hill Giant Strength (+4 strength up to 21) (belt buckle is made of mithral. Exquisitely crafted from the finest materials and glows with a pale radiance in moonlight, shedding dim light in a 5-foot radius that can be turned off)(Zen)
- Ring of Protection +1 (among a bunch of rings that someone grabbed. The other rings are not worth anything) (carved from stone, with dwarven runes on it)(Rissa)
- +1 Long Sword (handle has Etchings of fish scales, and the blade itself has etchings of coral)(Zen will carry planned for Aldhis)
- +1 Rapier (warm to the touch, made out of black metal. Sigils of flames cover its surface)(Bearer can use a bonus action to cause the item to shed bright light in a 10 foot radius and dim light for an additional 10 feet, or to extinguish the light)(Rissa will carry planned for Elsie)
- +1 Battleaxe (dwarven made with runes worked into its design. It has symbols of a clan on it you do not recognize. Maybe Tizzy might know more once she examines it)(The tip of it looks to be carved in such a way that it resembles a key. But you do not know what it might open)(use an action and can learn which way is north)(Krunch)

Spell book with (Franziska)
- Nystul’s Magic Aura
- Feign death
- Skywrite
- Spider Climb

AR 1216-07-11 The group raids an ancient treasure room and takes stuff

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