AR 1216-07-11 The group goes to rescue Zen's Father in the Burning Hills

At 8 am in the morning, Wolf gets a hold of Inuki and asks him if he found anything. Inuki tells him he caught and ate a really big chicken. Wolf got him to describe it and how he killed it. It had really tall legs. Inuki bit one leg hard enough to bleed a lot. Then stayed back harrying it until it bled to death. He did not want to get very close to it since it had a really big beak, as big as he was. Once it was dead, he ate it. Inuki also found a half eaten dead horse when he followed the trail of the big chicken. Wolf told him he had done a good job.

The Who (the owl), Henrik (the raven) and Clarice (pseudo dragon) came back and identified a ruin about 8 hours away in the Burning Hills. The group packed up and headed there after leaving a note for Captain Rose and Ulla about not being able to make it that night for dinner or the fireworks.

When they got there they silenced the group of syndicate men and then fire bombed them. Afraid that Inuki might be full grown and about to breathe on them, 4 of the fighters focused on him and killed him quickly. This sent him back to Elfhiem for a day. This enraged Wolf who proceeded to smash them to pieces with his newly blessed maul. When the dust settled, all of the syndicate were dead and because of the silence spell, those below had no idea.

Then they had Krunch sneak down invisible to scope out the situation. He found many guys dicing and playing cards. He also found Zen’s father tied up with two seriously broken legs.

They planned carefully, and were able to take out most of the guys quickly, except one of the cult fanatics who was wearing the symbol of the Lich Lord, Lady Kolfina. The priest was able to get off a call for help. Just before the group killed the last syndicate guys, the others arrived through a portal outside the door to the room underneath the stone and they proceeded to take out Clarice who was keeping watch for the called syndicate to arrive, not understanding that they might portal in right next to where she kept watch.

A voice then called down to the group offering them an out. Krunch in exchange for their lives. When they did not comply right away, the answer was a fire ball in the room with an offer of several more of them. They knew this might be a fight they could not win. Krunch started looking for any secret doors hoping for another way out. He found one and opened it. It had been ages since it had been revealed and his eyes took in the many treasures in the room big enough to hold all of them. But sadly, no escape seemed evident.

As they moved to at least get into the treasure room to avoid being hit by any more fireballs, Zen stood bravely by the door to take the attacks that kept coming from the experienced fighter and possibly assassin, as evident by the poison tip spear that came at him. Franziska threw her highest level spell, wall of fire, and that for the moment kept the syndicate from rushing them or throwing any more fire balls their way.

While that was going on, Rissa tried to contact Gaia to see if she could give them a way out through the dirt floor. Gaia answered but was having a hard time locating the group. So Rissa stuck the twined rod that Gaia gave her into the packed dirt on the ground. Gaia used it to help find her by powering it up (+2) but breaking through whatever barrier had been put on the old ruins was daunting her.

Meanwhile, Yari reached out to Caelus, but found the connection also blocked by the ruins they were in. He then reached for Odin who seemed to not be blocked at all. With Odin’s help, the three were connected. In the process, one of the three spots of Raven poop on Yari’s armor that he had been furiously trying to clean since he had gotten the armor, gleaned to him and his armor suddenly received the gift of protection from Odin (+1).

With all three connected, a portal opened in the middle of the small treasure room that lead to underground cave system that ran far beneath the ruins.

While all this was happening, the other members of the group had been grabbing the best treasures they could find in the room. One of them Krunch found was a solid gold candle stick. He sadly realized that the shape of its base would fit perfect into the door in such a way as to prevent it from being open from the other side, if they even found door. But considering their evident power so far, he felt he had to give it up. The position of his body required to put it in, allowed him to see behind a painting the glint of mithral. One done, he moved to the painting and having shoved it aside quickly, he uncovered bars of mithral. Enough to make one maybe even two full sets of armor. He grabbed them up and wished they had more time to uncover all the other wondrous items that were sure to be in this room. They would have to come back someday.

With the way open, they all jumped in, last being Wolf who was having a very hard time leaving all of the things they had no time to take. But the portal was closing, and he knew he would get left behind so jumped in.

They all landed in a cave tunnel far below the surface. When they looked up, the portal closed. Krunch let them know that they had descended many hundreds of feet in that single step. It would be a long journey to get them back to the surface.

About 6 hours later, and many twist and turns that Krunch and Wolf sometimes argued over which path to take, they came to a large cave. The cave had huge mushrooms that did not look like any they had ever seen before. They were attacked by hobgoblins who had hid behind the mushrooms. During the fight, one of the hobgoblins that Wolf was fighting ducked and Wolf put a dent into the mushroom behind it. When it started moaning, they found out they were alive. During the rest of the fight, they heard shuffling coming closer and closer from two of the side passages. During the fight, Sardi cast a mass cure that helped heal the injured mushroom. After that it took a bit longer, but finally they were able to defeat the hobgoblins.

Shortly after that, very large and colorful, Myconids shuffled into the cave from the tunnels. The group was able to using pantomime to make the unusual creatures realize they meant them no harm. Also they made it clear that the strange beings they had learned about in class, could use the dead hobgoblins to fertilize their children. In return the Myconids pointed to one specific tunnel when they asked them about the way to the surface.

With their aid the group only spent 2 more hours slowly making their way to the surface. When they surfaced, they found themselves near the Gauntlin Forest between Ravin’s Ruins and Beach Hedge at around midnight.

They immediately sent the following warning letter to Zen’s siblings via Who the owl hoping to catch them before they got to the next city where they were likely to be arrested now that Zen’s father had gotten away from the syndicate. The end of the letter was code to his kids so they knew it was from him.

Dear Steven, Julia, Karfinn, and Thala,

I have been saved by Zen and his group from the syndicate. They had done bad things to me, and if you don’t go into hiding, they will try to arrest you too. You need to NOT enter any cities and meet us just outside the mountains that surround the Wizard’s Spire. Do not go into the mountains as it will be too dangerous for you. Avoid all contact to everyone. Get there as fast as you can. Tell Nico the company is his for his long service to our family and that you are heading back to get me out. Do not tell them where you are going as it will put them into danger.

Your Dad

P.S. We always knew we would have to do the impossible, and I know we can.

Last they sent a letter to Martin to explain they would be back to help and to get started with getting the Captains to agree with their training their people.

Then they went to sleep at midnight with prayers to their gods.

AR 1216-07-11 The group goes to rescue Zen's Father in the Burning Hills

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