AR 1216-07-10 Klein Resistance group

You know know everything about the ex-students. I have updated this to match all that information.

Kleine: This city was at one time home to around 500 people. The city lost 100 people to Plague before the miracle and around 50 people to the earthquake. They now have 750 people living in or around the city. There are the following temples in the city (Odin, Clangeddin, Sif). Many of the new people are from outside of Thunder Rift area. Not many in the city like the syndicate.

The elected Burgonmaster (Leonie Blanka) was killed by the syndicate when he would not agree to join them. Syndicate put in new human female fighter Burgonmaster named Hine Moana. She has around 50 people helping protect her, and gathering protection money from the people (about 20 of the people are dwarves, 10 of the people are halflings, 2 gnomes , 4 – ½ orcs, 10 elves, 5 ½ elves, and 5 human.

The Stag is the Inn that Zen’s father used to go to when Zen traveled with his father. There are three big fishing ships (“The seagull” run by captain Sluggo a ½ orc with a very mix crew (even a dwarf who lives mostly on the crows nest), “MaryAnn” (mother of captain) captained by a female ½ elf named Captain Rose and an all female crew (one who’s name is Ulla who hit on Rissa), and “Buggsie” captain by Moose who named the ship after his dead wife (has a mainly human crew))

Ex-Golden Eagle students (they were off dungeon crawling when the syndicate took over. They want to resist but have no clue how to do it. Their hearts are in the right place, but need help.

Kaya Little – Halfling female rogue from Gargoyle cave graduating 4 years before the group
- Husband – Ambross halfling (works at Locksmith shop called KeysRUs with his wife Kaya)
- Daughter – Shaelyn age 1
- Kaya Parents – Lou and Racheal (both died by the plague)
- Ambross Parents – Georgio and Rona runs a small inn in the city (The Crayfish). They believe things are better with the syndicate. They bring up how there has been no plague nor earthquake sine they took over. Crime is down as well.
- Siblings – Ambross’s brother died in earthquake, and sister in the plague, Kaya’s brother lives and works at the inn named Vano. Kaya does not know which side her brother is on for sure. He comes over rarely now that the syndicate is in town.

Martin Waits – Human male fighter from Phoenix cave graduating 4 years before the group (He is first mate on Seagull ship for a living.)
- Wife – Latonya (died in the earthquake while he was fishing)
- Son – Alberto age 2
- Martin Parents – Matt (cook) and Megin (cleans houses and takes care of Martin’s son)
- Latonya Parents – Alf and Drusilla (Died in the earthquake)

Marianne Hyac – Halfling female wizard from Hippogriff cave graduating 6 years before the group (runs the apothecary named ‘Hyac Jars’ carries some potions – can make potions and dusts if paid ahead of time to buy the materials)
- Husband – Petrus (died by the plague)
- Daughter – Ester age 3 died in plague
- Marianne Parents – Anatonio and Dalfina (died in the earthquake)
- Petrus Parents (runs bakery named The Buns) – Oscar and Yuuko. Marianne is not close to them as they blame her for Ester’s death, but then again she blames herself as well.

Erik Haugen – Human male monk from Gargoyle cave graduating 8 years before the group (works in parents cobbler shop “Heal to Toe”)
- Wife – Goya
- Son – Marcos age 5
- Daughter – Sabela age 1 died in plague
- Erik Parents – Galen and Khloe (died in the earthquake)
- Goya Parents – Jools and Tamera (cobbler – “Heal To Toe” shop name)

AR 1216-07-10 Klein Resistance group

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