AR 1216-07-09 Group meets Beach Hedge Resistance group

In the morning, the group meets the resistance working in Beach Hedge. They were all known students of Golden Eagle, so had their weapons confiscated long ago. But they were monitoring what the syndicate was doing just in case they got an opportunity or ability to start resisting them. The group gives the resistance 700 gold and the non-magical weapons they found at the Haunted Tower.

The leader of the resistance, Melody, tells them what they know about why being an elder looking dwarf is not a very good idea at this time. They also confirm that Zen’s father is being searched for and will be apprehended if found. They know that some of the profits from the protection money goes via the river and some goes via the road. No real rhyme or reason about which is used. The money is sent once a month, once enough is collected. They have no one on the inside at this time that they would trust. Everything they know is from ease dropping in on conversations, or just watching.

Beech Hedge: A town of about 200 people in its hay day. It is run by an elected Burgonmaster (Emon Kwad) who now is corrupted by the syndicate. He has 30 thugs from the syndicate that report to him. 5 of the thugs are rogues with 3 halfings (but do not match the description of Guido), 2 are human wizards. The rest are trained fighters. He is not due to be re-elected for 2 years. He has thugs from the syndicate collect protection money from the businesses. They lost 25 people to Plague before the miracle. They now have 300 people living in or around the city. Ex-Golden Eagle students living there (total in resistant group: 7 adults and 4 children)

- Melody Dayton – Human female wizard from Hippogriff cave graduating 4 years before the group. Runs the local apothecary shop.
o Husband – Barry was killed by syndicate along with his parents
o Daughter – Kristie age 2
o Parents of Melody – Ben and Sarah Dayton live in farm just outside the city (own the barn the group stayed in)

- Dillon Twitty – Human male rogue from Gargoyle cave graduating 4 years before the group. Scribe and book keeper for Melody.
o Wife – Cara – They live with Melody above her shop, and Cara helps take care of Kristie.
o Son – Dano age 2

- Terenti Sandro – Halfling male fighter from Phoenix cave graduating 6 years before the group. Master Builder.
o Wife – Georgia died in bombing by the syndicate
o Son – Dector age 3 died in bombing by the syndicate

- Isabelle Tabet – Half orc female barbarian from Hippogriff cave graduating 8 years before the group. Hunts for deer and other animals in the forest and sells them in the market.
o Mother (human) Bekka – died in plague

- Bhaskura Jay – Human female monk from Gargoyle cave graduating 10 years before the group. Stays at home with her sons Stephan and Nico.
o Husband – micha – Works for Terenti building whatever they are paid to do.
o Son – Nico male age 6
o Daughter – Penelope Female would have been age 4 died in plague
o Son – Stephan Male age 2
o Parents – Tam and Vealla – dead by the syndicate

AR 1216-07-09 Group meets Beach Hedge Resistance group

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