AR 1216-07-08 Group Arrives for the first time in Beach Hedge

The group arrives in Beach Hedge in the middle of the afternoon. The group comes into the town in disguise. Thinking it still safe, Krunch goes as an older dwarf. Unknown to the group, the syndicate is on the lookout for an older dwarf to speak with because of the loud request made by his companion to hear “Stinky the Halfling” be sung by the bard Hughye in Torlynn.

Krunch notices the watchers following him and enters a pub and using his hat of disguise changes to a female dwarf that is not old. He is able to slip away from them and back out to the street. Meanwhile, Wolf notices other watchers besides the syndicate that he thinks might be resistance since several of them look like former older classmates.

The two groups make contact and arrange to meet in a barn outside the city. Now in female form, Krunch joins up with the group and they are able to make their way out of the city with no problem by Wolf leading the approaching syndicate off first dressed as an old male dwarf, and then Krunch distracted them further by putting an image of an old male dwarf on the roof when Wolf slipped out of their view.

The group found the barn and slept for the night.

AR 1216-07-08 Group Arrives for the first time in Beach Hedge

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