AR 1216-07-03 Haunted Tower Part I and Part II

The group approach the Haunted Tower and run into a ton of skeletons that rise out of the swamp. Then proceed to fight untold undead in the first three levels of the Tower.

In the second three levels of the Tower, Krunch gets possessed by a ghost and ages Wolf and Inuki (who dies from old age goes back to the Elfheim). Once the fight is done, the group finds out that Zen’s sword can do one teleport. They go back to the Golden Eagle clan’s portal room where they surprise the dwarves standing guard. They guard the group until the King and Queen arrive. After Krunch gives the preplanned verbal passcode, the King dismisses the guards. After embracing their son, they listen to what has occurred, summon a cleric who restores Wolf to his normal age. Wolf declines calling his parents to see him. Trent is summon to send them back to the same place using a stone from the area. Trent has a sly grin on his face, but one look from the King and Queen and he sends them back to where they want and not some far away volcano. As they teleport, Wolf looks at the King and Queen and says. “Sparky and I are a thing”. Unknown to anyone else, King Kendric sends his ax at Wolf’s head but does not connect because they have teleported away.

They arrive back and decide to camp and rest until morning as they do not want to face the undead in the last three levels of the tower during the night in case they are more powerful. During the night, the vampire that lives in the secret basement of the tower that they were warned about visits them.

They learn his name is Levro Kaspar. The master had the vampire that lives in Melinir turn him and his wife, Marija, into vampires, thinking the master would get another vampire to serve him. Levro, was so angry that he took his wife and him to this desolate place so he could not be commanded to kill people for the master. Here they have lived for the past year or so living off animals mainly, and some of the thugs that the master keeps sending to try to bring them back. The master vampire was only known to him as Reaper before he was turned. He does not know what his proper name was before he died.

Once he understands they were not sent by the master, then he asked that they not enter the basement and in return he will allow them to live. He has no problem with them killing the rest of the undead in the tower. They agree, though privately some of them are thinking that he might be able to help them with the master, others are thinking they will come back and put him out of his misery.

AR 1216-07-03 Haunted Tower Part I and Part II

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