AR 1216-06-28 Krunch and Inuki

Krunch stared into Inuki's ice blue eyes.  There was more going on in there than most animals, and while he had no way of knowing how much the wolf understood, it certainly seemed to understand more than most.  Now was the time to test that theory, and to see if the extra treats he'd been secretly feeding the animal had done any good.

"So.  Ye be Wolf's wolf an' I have na need ta come between ye."  Krunch spoke softly so as to not wake Wolf who was sleeping nearby.  

Inuki tilted his head, whether in understanding or just wondering what this ugly two-legged creature was barking about Krunch had no way of knowing.

"But I know how important a strong pack is.  An' Wolf be thinkin' o' pair-bondin' with me sister." 

Krunch wondered if the low wuff and subtle tail wag from Inuki a response to the words, or just anticipation of a treat.

Pulling out a rope and looking in the direction of the wolf's sleeping master did bring a low growl rumbling out of Inuki's chest.  Not a threat really, more just a gentle warning.  Or so Krunch hoped.

"I don't be meanin' ta do any harm ta Wolf.  Jest a gentle reminder o' pack rules an' that he's ta do right by her."  Pausing to give Inuki a wink "Well, that an' a little bit o' fun."

Inuki's ears perked up.  The wolf slowly looked from Krunch's pouch where the dwarf kept his treats to the rope to Wolf and finally looked back at Krunch.  A doggy grin spread across the wolf's face as a low pleading whine accompanied a slow tail wag as he looked back at the pouch.

Krunch chuckled softly as he said "Ye drive a hard bargain Inuki." digging a bone heavy with meat out of his pouch "I can appreciate that."

With the guardian properly bribed, Krunch snuck slowly to the bed and quietly tied the sleeping Wolf to his cot. 

When he was done he called Inuki over "If there's an emergency, ye can pull this loose end here."  Scratching him gently behind the ears he left with a soft "Good boy" as the wolf went back to chewing on his treat.

Krunch left a short note for Wolf.

I fully support you courting Sparakal.  I respect you, I respect her judgement.  You could make here a fine husband one day if the two of you decide that is the path to take.
If you ever hurt her when you can avoid it, if you ever betray her trust, I will hunt you down and make you pay.  It won't be a straight up fight, it won't be what you expect, but I will find a way to make sure you suffer.

AR 1216-06-28 Krunch and Inuki

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