AR 1216-06-27 New Haven

New Haven: A town of about 200 people in its hayday. They lost 50 people to the plague before the miracle mostly the young and old. They lost 50 people to the syndicate when they moved into the city and the town fought back. The elected Burgonmaster and the town council were killed as well when they resisted. The town is being run by the syndicate, leader name of Jozafat, who rule it with an iron hand abiding no insurrection. There is now 200 people in the city who come from a place that made people pay protection money and don’t understand why the old residents think it is so bad. But they were given a free home so what do they know.

Ex-Golden Eagle students living there (adults: 7; children: 3):

Eadulf – human male barbarian from Phoenix cave graduating 2 years before the group
- Parents – Jules and Gisela died in the plague
- Sibling: younger brothers Konstantin and Ismael killed by Syndicate
- Sibling: Younger Sister Ashtoreth (died in plague) and older sister Samantha (husband Tom died by syndicate) with daughter Elan age 4 staying with resistance “she is the one standing by the side of the road begging”. (she and the daughter leave to go to Hidden valley)

Dead from syndicate – Zedena – half orc female cleric of Sif from Hippogriff cave graduating 2 years before the group – her entire family was killed also in the big purge.

Jordana Adalia – Halfling female rogue from Gargoyle cave graduating 6 years before the group
- Manual – Husband low level fighter
- His parents died in plague, hers by syndicate

Kaleo Kuwehi – human male monk from Phoenix cave graduating 8 years before the group
- Parents live just outside the city and are farmers (Alhdis and Elsie stays with them – they leave 1000 gold with them)
o Father – Sten Findley
o Mother – Miley
o Sibling: younger brother Alex lives with parents. Other two younger brothers died one in earthquake and the other in the plague
o Sibling: Younger sister Neka lives with parents. Other younger sister died in plague

Ernesto – half orc male fighter from Hippogriff cave graduating 10 years before the group. Moved to the city 5 years ago with his wife when an opening came up for someone to protect the Burgonmaster (entire family leaves to go to Hidden valley)
- Wife – Beatrice half orc
- Children – daughter – Dakla age 2
- Son – Aldo age 5

They are told to watch for the water caravan and learn if they send the money for the syndicate on it

AR 1216-06-27 New Haven

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