AR 1216-06-25 On the road to Torlynn the group finds out about Wolf proposing

At one point on the walk from Melinir to Torylnn Wolf and Elsie were walking and laughing together. This was not common behavior for Wolf who usually was pretty solemn.

Rissa stopped, turned around and looked at them, “What in the world are you two going on about?”

Wolf smiled from ear to ear, “Yesterday, I asked Elsie to marry me and she said yes!”

Krunch and Yari turned around “What!” The two stared blankly at Wolf waiting for an explanation.

Rissa, on the other hand, was not one to wait. She raised her eyebrows at Wolf and said as snarky as can be, “It was for Elsie?! I coach you on how to propose to a girl and it was all for her?! I thought maybe you were missing Sparky, but Elsie? Really? Why?”

Elsie glared back at the bard. “You do realize I’m right here, Rissa.” Sardi likewise shot a disapproving glance at his girlfriend’s lack of tact.

“Ok, fine, that came out kind of harsh,” was Rissa’s only apology. As a courtesy she switched over to telepathic communication with Wolf. Really, when did this become a thing? I mean, it’s more abrupt than Yari’s sudden crush on Verona. Hey…you haven’t been, uh, prospecting in her mine, have you?

Wolf simply grinned back at Rissa, with no mental words exchanged.

Meanwhile, Krunch smiled and said “Congratulations!”

Franziska’s eyes went wide for a moment, then a smile crossed her face as she wondered what her friends were up to this time.

Elsie, giggled, “You should have seen Wolf. We were in Lower Market, and he got down on one knee and proposed. He gave me this ring.” She held out her hand to show the clear rock on her finger. “Totally surprised me. But I stayed cool, said yes and gave him a hug.”

“All the while we were both checking out who was watching and reacting. There were three of them. Wolf then slipped away and left me to get away from them before they could steal it from me. I was a bit flustered, but then I got this great idea.”

She moved forward as if re-enacting what she did. “I remembered a stall with a bird cage near where I was. I walked over to it, made small talk with the owner of the birds while I chirped to the birds telling them that I would let them go free if they would bother the men following me. They agreed and I undid the lock while distracting the owner. I walked away and shortly after that the men got a surprised of their life when two birds attacked them. While they were distracted, I made my get away.” And she curtseyed to the group.

Yari looked extremely confused, but said nothing out loud.

Elsie moved up to Rissa, trying to ignore her earlier slight. “Here, I forgot to return the ring.”

“Now it makes sense,” Rissa said, accepting it. “I told Wolf no self-respecting dwarf would be fooled into thinking this piece of glass was a diamond. But the ring wasn’t meant for Sparky. Well played,” she nodded to Wolf, then turned back to Elsie with a humble smile, “both of you. Nice work.”

Krunch grinned at Elsie, “So me grandda knows a wizard that can get Wolf changed into a human for ye since ye wouldn’t want a half dwarf. And that way he can stop sniffing after me sister!”

While the group started joking about what Wolf would look like as a human, Yari sent Elsie a thought, So, like… what is really going on?

He was teaching me to meld into groups of people and get away if I was pursued. I learned a ton, and he thinks I am a natural at it and should be ok if caught spying. That was my final test. Don’t worry, he was watching from a roof in case I got into trouble.

Ah, came his response. Got it. Seems like a bit of an odd way to go about things, but hey, ‘grats on passing your test! I’m proud of you. The young man adjusted his confused expression to one of happiness, and smiled warmly at Elsie.

AR 1216-06-25 On the road to Torlynn the group finds out about Wolf proposing

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