AR 1216-06-24 Return to the new Melinir

June 24th, 1216

The group travels to Melinir arriving in the late afternoon in separate groups and get through the guards with little trouble.

They all stop at Darek Halfplow’s burrow in the city center and he helps them get caught up on the layout of the new city.

From there they split up.

On the way over to Annabelle, Yari overheards from two old ladies in the lower market that tomorrow Queen Verona will be doing an open house allowing visitors to deliver gifts for the baby and to see the child up close if they do.

Some of them meet up with Annabelle and Gallamore at the orphanage and get caught up. Franziska gets her graduation present from Annabelle, a wand of the ware mage, that is blessed by Idun and Sif by sharing of some of Annabelle’s essence. That blessing allows the wand to do a cure wounds at 4th level (4d8 + 4) for one person touched by it once a day.

Others go find the owners of the items they found in Grakenwood. During that time they meet and be-friend:
- Stella Goodfellow at the Rusty Clam (they used to know it as the Black Scallop – across from T2 on the map). She is a server there, and her husband had taken the gold locket with a drawing of her in it for good luck when he went adventuring about 10 years ago and never came back. They meet the owner of the pub Thaleem who is not the cleanest of people so Stella softly tells them to not eat the food. They return the locket to her and she is eternally grateful. They leave a generous 1 gold tip.
- They take the black velvet mask to an elder tailor, Marius Viktor and his wife Anath, whom Kara use to use. He tells them things are not good. Protection money takes most of his earnings so he has not been able to move up to the artisan quarter like he would like to. He tells them he made the mask for the famous actor Elwood, who will be giving a performance in three days at the Grand Theater of a play about a guy who loved a woman who married another man. Sardi commissions a beautiful dress for Rissa.
- They find the pub that the copper mug with the silver filigree in the shape of a family crest that looked like two lions with a twisted rope under one them. It belongs to Axel Tharnhew owner of the “Gold Digger Tavern” (T8). The pub is mainly for dwarves and secretly sells Golden Eagle dwarven ale. The owner of the mug had taken it with him on adventures and had not returned it, so they assumed he had died and had not replaced the mug because of it. They thank them for giving the mug back.
- They go to the Grand Theater and Rissa pretends to be a famous Lady Ella Mohpee and signing autographs getting the door protector to go in and talk to Elwood about letting her in. Meanwhile, Krunch breaks into the building through an upper window. He arranges for a distraction to leave a note that the stage manager has a crush on the guard at the door. Elwood takes a break and meets with Rissa but talks in cryptic words to let them know it is not safe to talk openly. Gives them a key to his place to meet up with him later. He thanks them for the mask as it is his.
- They go to Elwood’s place and wait for him. When he comes, they discuss how things are going. He is being stifled artistically and made to act in plays that are crap. They are being written by someone in the syndicate is all he knows. There is another planned soon, about a fallen prince who got caught trying to steal the kingdom’s jewels and dies of a broken heart after being kicked out of the kingdom. Then there is to be one about a prince kidnapped as a child and made to make his way as a thief and scoundrel, finally finding out who he really is and killing his parents for allowing him to be stolen, then he dies by throwing himself off a plateau when he is chased by the guards. The gods only know what they plan on him acting in next. He warns them they are not safe and need to be very careful not to get caught.

Wolf and Elsie go off into the city. They give spider the gold vestments of the cleric of Sif that they found to give to Gallamore.

Franziska gets into serious trouble and has to leave the city when she gives her name to Nanci at the tower where Hazel use to live

Eventually, the group still in the city get back together and decide to try to leave in the morning after selling the last item and Yari giving the gift from Hidden Vally to Verona.

AR 1216-06-24 Return to the new Melinir

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