AR 1216-06-17 Krunch's Journal - To Alfheim and Back


What a difference a day makes. We started off, heading out to find the pit and (hopefully) get to the mysterious orb before the syndicate folks. We ran into another group from Milinar. They demanded we hand over everything so we had no choice but to fight.

Fortunately for us, we had help – a young woman who went by the name of “Spider”. Apparently another one of Wolf’s contacts from back in Milinir, she was quite handy in the fight. Especially with her climbing abilities thanks to her magic boots that let her walk up and down trees like they were flat ground.

After defeating them we made our way to the pit that Scarface had described. We managed to sneak past some grimlocks guarding the circumference and found the tunnel that led to the orb. When we finally got to the end of the tunnel, Rissa and I snuck the final few feet to a small ledge that looked out over a chamber were a couple of dozen or so troglodytes surrounded the orb which was on a gem-encrusted pedestal.

With Rissa’s help and her connection to Gaia, we managed to steal the orb and the stand when her … what the heck is Gaia? Anyway we were able to steal the orb when Gaia collapsed the tunnel leading into the room.

We thought we were getting away without a fight when we found ourselves surrounded as we exited the pit. Surrounded by grimlocks and ogres things were looking grim when the orb floated up out of my backpack and we found ourselves transported to Alfheim. While we were in a sunny woodland glen in the middle of summer we were attacked by creatures of cold. Blue skinned dwarf-like creatures with beards of ice along with large winter wolves attacked us. Thanks in part to a well-aimed fireball from Franz (when did she get the power to cast that?) we were victorious, apparently to the amazement of the Queen of the Summer court, Iriet.

Iriet claimed the orb as her own, and considering the fact that we were probably facing our doom back at the pit, we couldn’t really say no. At least we negotiated an agreement with her that all the food and water that we received would be cleansed so that we would not lose any desire to leave Alfheim. Although the thought of having to drink wine for the rest of my days probably would have kept me from wanting to stay but I can’t speak for the others.

The good news was that we would only be here for a month and a half while we waited for the proper alignment of the moon and stars. The bad news? The bad news was that we’d only have wine to drink with our meals … well that and a year and a half would pass back home. Fortunately Iriet was able to relay a message to friends and family that she had met in the past.

Fortunately the time passed fairly quickly. Several things happened - I found a metal smith that could teach me to work mithral (something I had hoped to learn from Uncle Gimmer) in exchange for some design fixes for maintaining an even temperature for their forge. - Zen learned about a group of cloud giants that would be willing to work with his family in the trading business. - We met Cynthia the unicorn who’s husband needed help with some harpies in Birchtwood (not far from where we last were). Turns out her nickname is Runs-Through-Shadows and it is the same unicorn that had been the holy mount for Rissa’s name sake, their great-great-great-great-great-great Aunt. I never knew unicorns lived that long. And isn’t it kind of hypocritical that a unicorn will only bond with a virgin when they can be married. Neigh, I say, neigh. - Took out some formorians attacking a village. - Talked down a drunken pair of fey creatures, a Lamia and a Couatl - Stopped a treant from awakening trees, turns out that Hazelbush was just concerned about her husband, who happened to be Wolf’s friend Rowanthorn. We agreed to take her back with us. - Fought a Rhemoraz and Salamander - We met a couple (a quad?) of ettins that were having a lover’s spat. The male ettin (ettins? How do you refer to something with two heads?) had gotten hats of disguise to make their partner (partners? I really need to ask about this some time!) more attractive. We convinced them to stop feuding so they could go back to being love birds. Just thinking of Ettin’s love life is … Uggh. - Our menagerie grew. Wolf was given a winter wolf he named Inuki, Franz bonded with a pseudo-dragon. Franz claims it’s a reincarnation of Clarice. If I didn’t know better I would say it was just too much elven wine, but with everything else who am I to say?

Treasure - Bag of Holding - 3 Potions of Climbing - 3 potions of Healing - 4 Hats of Disguise (Wolf, Yari, Sardi and Franz took them) - 7 potions of fly (we used 6 fighting the harpies) - 1 tub of Keoghtom Ointment


First order of business when we returned was to help the unicorn in the birchwood. On the way to birchwood we ran across some owlbears which we dispatched. We tracked their trail back to a cave where they had dragged their victims and found some treasure.

Treasure 1,700 CP 1,300 SP 80 GP 9 (10 GP) Gems

In Birchwood we met the husband of the unicorn we’d met in Alfheim and a tribe of centaurs. He gave us directions to where to find the harpies. We found them easily enough, along with some flying kobolds and swarms of bats. We drank most of potions of flying and after a tough fight defeated them.

Treasure 2 Shields +1 2 Scrolls – Feather Fall and Phantasmal Force Pearl of Power 2,100 CP 21,000 SP 6,300 GP 305 PP

We headed back to Walden – I would have liked to help Zen out and head to Milinar but we don’t know what’s happened there. We stopped in Butterpond briefly, finding out that in addition to refugees flowing in from the Thunder Rift, Milinar has been growing rapidly.


We arrive in Walden. In the future we will have to be more careful entering cities. Our little band has grown, and while it’s safe enough for all of us to enter Walden it may not be a good idea once we leave Hidden Valley.

We gave the miscellaneous equipment (armor, spears, etc) to Kara and Sven so they could arm the militia. It wouldn’t have been worth much (I keep telling myself) and it will go to good use I’m sure.

AR 1216-06-17 Krunch's Journal - To Alfheim and Back

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