AR 1216-06-17 Elsie and Yari decide to make it a secret they are back together again

“So, how is this going to work?” Elsie asked him, snuggling up closer to Yari, pressing her naked form tighter against his. Yari lay quietly, considering his answer.

At his insistence, the two had staged a scene when they returned to his parents’ house, in case anyone was watching. Elsie helped him stumble inside, up the stairs, and to his bedroom door. As he went into his room, Yari then tapped the blackness of the Void to cloak himself in shadows, and followed her invisibly back to her room. There, once safely alone, with the door closed, the two dove into her bed and didn’t come up for air for hours.

It was a lot of effort just to keep their relationship a secret, but Yari felt strongly it was necessary. While he loved his friends very much, they had hurt him – deeply – one too many times with their jabs at his sexuality. By insulting the special bond of friendship he held with Sardi, by making fun of him when he broke up with Elsie – though, he admitted to himself he deserved it on that account – by continuously rubbing in how Verona had dumped him. For all these reasons and more, Yari had decided long ago that his private life was going to remain exactly that from his friends: private.

“We can’t let anyone know, Elsie,” he said after a moment had passed. “I can barely put up with their jabs at me as it is. And, with all the show I put on with objecting to Sardi and Rissa getting together, I’ll never hear the end of it if they know we’re back together.”

“But, you were just doing that to help them realize their love for each other!”

“I know that. You know that. Sardi knows that –”

“You told him?”

“Wasn’t gonna, but he was getting all worried about upsetting me, so I had to calm him down.”


“Anyway, he believed me, but no one else will. Besides, it’s not the point. I love them, but they’re all a bunch of assholes, and I don’t want them knowing anything about what I do in my private time.”

Elsie tensed noticeably as Yari swore, and she looked up at him concerned. “I don’t think I’ve heard you swear before.”

“Yeah, sorry,” the cleric said, and concentrated on relaxing. “Blame it on the beer.”

“I blame a lot of things on beer, Yari. I don’t like it when you drink.”

“I don’t often. You know that,” he tried to assure her, stroking her cheek.

“I know, and I don’t like it when you do.”

With a sigh, Yari said, “I can’t promise I’ll never have a drink again – I come from a long line of brewers! – but I will promise never to get as drunk as I was tonight, ever again. Sound fair?”

“Yeah, that’s fair,” said Elsie, smiling. She held his hand on her face, and kissed him more. “You still haven’t answered my question, though.”

His eyes still closed as their lips parted, Yari complained, “I was hoping you hadn’t noticed. I don’t know how it’s going to work, but we can’t act like we’re together in public.”

“I don’t know I can hide my feelings for you, Yari. I’m pretty sure people will notice.”

“Let ‘em. Everyone already knows you’re in love with me; they just don’t know I’m in love with you, too. I’ve gotten pretty good at hiding my feelings recently.”

Elsie got a wicked smile on her face; Yari knew that smile from the days when the two of them thought they were sneaking around behind her parents’ backs. “I think this might be fun to do. Put one over your friends. Okay, I’m in! It’ll be good practice for when I get in the cities, and I’m spying on the syndicate.

“If I have to hide this for a while, then I plan to enjoy it while I can.” Elsie leaned in and kissed him so she would be sure to remember what it was like; she thought it might be a while before she got to do it again.

AR 1216-06-17 Elsie and Yari decide to make it a secret they are back together again

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