AR 1214-10-23 Franziska says goodbye to Clarice

While in Walden at the house where Franziska’s Mother and Brother live, the little red-head cast the ritual Speak with Clarice.

“Clarice, my best of friends, I have to ask of you something that may be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I must go on a difficult and dangerous journey to try to help my friends from school save the kingdom and the Queen. But that means I can’t be here to help protect Bridget and Zelig. As my family is my pack, they are your pack too. Much as I love having you by my side, I need you to stay here with them to help protect them from the evil that is sure to visit this part of the world. As much as it hurts my heart not to have you by my side on this journey, there is no one else I can turn to for this important task. Will you help me?

“Stay here, not go with you” whined Clarice.”I want to be with you always. You could be hurt. You could be killed. You need me with you.”

“You will always be with me in my heart. I will keep a little of your hair in a locket and think about you. And if something should happen to me, remember you said it yourself, we are fated to be together again. I would, even in the next incarnation, ever forget you and when I found you again I would remember you and your name and our love. Please do this for me Clarice.”

“Don’t want to stay. Want to go with you. But if I must I promise to stay and guard. Just be sure to come back to me.” was the Wolf’s reply.

Franziska hugged her friend close and tears streamed down her cheeks. “Thank you Clarice. Knowing you are here guarding my family means a lot to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

They spent the rest of the spell’s duration in small talk, remember some of the good times they had spent together. Just before time ran out “Clarice, remember your promise.

AR 1214-10-23 Franziska says goodbye to Clarice

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