AR 1214-10-21 Sparky says her goodbys to Wolf

The group was packing up to leave Golden Eagle Clan in the Gargolye cave for the last time. Who knew when they might be back, if ever.

Sparky came in with a determined look. “Wolf I would speak with ye before ye go.”

Hearing her voice after having trouble saying goodbye earlier in the cave, he gave her a curt answer to avoid turning around while he composed himself, “Ain’t much time left, whatcha need?”

She walked over and said “Give this to me brother.” then pulled back and slammed a solid hit in his left shoulder that set him back. “Tell him, Ma and me is madder than a hot iron at what GrandDa, he, and Da decided to do without any talkin to us. Tell him also, he made her cry so he darn well better fix this.”

“And this is from me to ye, as I may not have another chance if you all go an get yerself killed doing this.” She said as she grabbed his head in her hands and kissed him for the first time. She went to pull back but found his hands had grabbed her as well, so the kiss continued.

Both now realized that even though they had been discussing off and on if their friendship could ever develop into anything more, being their were first cousins once removed, there was quite a spark that definitely existed between them.

The room erupted in cheers as they stepped back from each other. Several “about time” could be heard around the room from the dwarves watching the event. It would not be long before word got around the keep about what had occurred.

Sparky looked at him, “Now don’t go an git yerself killed. I might be wanting another of those someday!” She turned and walked out with her head held high and proud.

AR 1214-10-21 Sparky says her goodbys to Wolf

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