AR 1214-10-20 Krunchs Journal Endings and Beginnings

AR 1214-10-20 Has it really been three years since I wrote in this journal? Grandda brought me the journal along with some other items. Mother’s axe, his old cloak. The axe and cloak are amazing, wondrous items but it is this journal that I keep staring at.

So much has happened in three years. Perhaps soon I’ll have time to sort through some of the things and put them down. Until then, I have thing to do.

1214-10-22 We spent the night at Rissa and Yari’s parent’s place. Apparently there had been some trouble between Elsie and her fiance Brog. Not sure exactly what it was, but it’s been dealt with and Elsie came with us to Walden where she will be staying. Where we’re going is too dangerous, so as much it would have been nice to have someone who can cook coming along with us, she’s staying for now. Maybe later if we set up a home base.

We had decided to head first to Grakenwood, but on the way we had a nasty surprise. We were attacked by a Bullette, which fortunately lured into eating Rissa’s mule. I hadn’t thought of using livestock to lure dangerous animals before, I’ll have to congratulate Rissa on thinking of the strategy some time.

I investigated the tunnel the bullette came from and found a couple of skeletons and some coins. Ok, a lot of coins, most of it gold.

Getting close to the Grakenwood, we came across a small hamlet with one of the buildings on fire. Between helping with bucket brigade and a freak rainstorm we put the fire out quickly.

Turns out the people had been brought in from outside the valley and had ignored the rumors that this area was dangerous. They learned out how dangerous when ogres came out of the woods and kidnapped some of their children.

We agreed to try to find the children, who had been taken into the forest. With some good tracking and some luck, we followed a trail straight into the heart of the dark wood. I was on point and noticed some spider webs so I remained hidden while warning the others. We defeated the spiders handily – although Franz’s spell that crashed like thunder was really, really loud. We also found some mummified remains wrapped in web which still had some stuff on them (see below). We may be able to find who some of the items belonged to at some point, they certainly look to have sentimental value outweighing their monetary worth.

Finally we found an encampment, with several children trapped in a cage. I snuck up and got the children out with another rogue that was already there – someone named Scarface. We decided we couldn’t leave the captors to go so we set up a small ambush for the three “ogres”. Fact is, I’m not really sure what they were. They looked like ogres, but then one of them rose up as a zombie ogre and seemed ready to rise up again.

The rogue (Scarface) had been working for the Syndicate, and had been captured days earlier. He related an odd tale, of how he and his group had been taken down into a black pit. While he managed to escape, his compatriots were not so lucky. They had all been delivered to some scaly humanoids who seemed to be worshipping a silver orb on a small pedestal.

He managed to escape (only to be captured again) but some of his compatriots were changed either into the scaly creatures or into ogres by the orb. As far as we can tell, this is another one of the 7 legendary dragon orbs. I thought they were all lost, but they keep popping up everywhere. In any case we decided that if it is important enough for the syndicate to send a group this far, it’s important that we get it first.

Immediate priority was to get the kids back of course. It was dawn before we got back to the hamlet, kids and Scarface in tow.

We need some sleep, but we’ll be heading back to the pit this afternoon. Hopefully we can get the orb before someone else gets there.

Treasure Summary - Bullette > 190 SP, 460 GP - Spiders > 1600 CP, 90 SP, 50 GP > Black Velvet Mask > Gold Locket with Stella inscribed > Copper Mug with Dwarven Crest > Dice made of bone > Gold Vestments of a cleric of Sif - Camp/Ogres > Longsword (attracts butterflies, taken by Zen) > Scroll of Alter Self, Disguise > Potion Climbing, 3 Potions of Healing > 2 Longsword (15 GP ea), 2 Battle Axe (10 GP ea), 5 Leather Armor (10 GP ea), 5 Dagger (2 GP ea)

AR 1214-10-20 Krunchs Journal Endings and Beginnings

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