AR 1213-09-01 Yari gets Letter and Ring Back From Verona

August 21st, 1213

Dear Sweet Yari,

Things have changed greatly in the past eight months since you proposed to me. I am returning your ring. I can no longer wear it as I am marrying Prince Falson in December. This marriage will allow me to rebuild my kingdom. Without it the kingdom will shortly be broke. Your parents have already aided me as much as they could. And now with what happen with Captain Matt, I could not ask them for any more money even if I wanted to. I have no choice Yari. But Prince Falson is a kind man and only two years older than me. He is the second son of a very nice family from a kingdom far away that bordered the one my mother’s family ruled in. In time, I believe I will learn to love him as my father thought. You would like him if you ever meet him. After what happened with your grandfather, I doubt it is very safe for you to visit Melinir. There are many here who blame your family for things that I know are silly, like the earthquake. But you taught me well to be diplomatic so I am trying to see all sides of the issues and bring peace where I can. Finish school and enjoy adventuring around the world for King Kendric. Be safe.

Your first love


AR 1213-09-01 Yari gets Letter and Ring Back From Verona

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