AR 1213-06-21 Timeline to explain what happen with Nym and his daughter Betsy

Timeline to explain what happen with Nym and his daughter Betsy:

1086 – The queen Paranayel is replaced

1090 – Nym left Queen Paranayel’s forest when he was 101

1092 – He traveled around the world as a bard named Nym Songfell and met a human women named Wendy, fell in love and married her

1093 – They had a daughter named Betsy

1101- Kendric and Shar create the Golden Eagle Keep

1113 – Wendy died when Betsy was 20

1113 – Nym moved back to the Queen’s forest, and Besty started her career as a Bard

1114 – Besty and Nym would meet up on a scheduled basis in a town near the Queen’s forest twice a year.

1118 – Nym married a full elf about 5 years after returning, but did not tell her about his previous marriage to a human as she was kind of prejudice against humans

1119 – He and others were put in charge of protecting a dragon orb that the Queen had

1119 -LIch Lord Lady Kolfinna stole the dragon orb

1120 – Queen Paranayel is angry at the lost of the orb and kick the protectors out of the forest and they wander looking for a place to call their own

1121 – Betsy Songfell finds out what happened to her father. She starts the long search for it to help him earn his honor back

1136 – Elves asked for asylum from Kendric

1191 – The Epic group find out the Queen Elf is actually an imposter and kill her and rescue the actual Queen who then dies. Her daughter takes over

1195 – Sparky and Krunch are born

1210 – Betsy Songfell gets a group together and retrieves the Dragon Orb for her father from a little tiny hamlet that used to be named Beachwood. All die except her. The undead are horrible including types that suck life away from a person. She is hit enough times that she now looks like she is close to death. Knowing she does not have long to live she goes looking for her father. She knows it was the Lich that stole the Orb but not why or what it was being used for. Just knows lots of undead protecting it.

1213 – Betsy Songfell shows up at the circus at Golden Eagle Academy, she is 120 years old. She should live to around 180 years old. She looks like she is 180 but is not

AR 1213-06-21 Timeline to explain what happen with Nym and his daughter Betsy

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