AR 1213-02-28 The Prince is Coming

In a country far, far away, King Tahoo looked at his wizard Waldo, “Can you not get the picture any clearer?”

“I’m sorry your majesty, that is the best I can do. There is a natural interference in that area from the type of rocks that make up the valley walls.”

King Tahoo addressed his youngest son, “Well, she is quite a beauty don’t you think? She looks a lot like her mother when she was young. Though she could use some better clothes, but I guess it is hard to keep clean with all of the destruction in the city and the room she is staying is in pretty bad shape.”

“She would be beautiful in anything she wore father. She is everything you talked about and more. Such courage and strength. I must meet her and soon.” Prince Falson smiled. “I know the contract you were discussing for her hand in marriage is null and void with her father dead, but I know if I can just go there I can woo her myself. Will you allow me to take Waldo for a time to help with her city repairs as well as some of the guard to help out with the looting they are experiencing? This way I can prove my worth to her.”

Waldo looked at his king, “I can have the teleport spell ready for the morning your majesty. You have no outstanding work for me for at least a month. And if something dire comes up, I am just a message stone call away.”

King Tahoo thought for a moment then said, “Yes, I think that is a fine idea. Take 25 guards with you. I will let you pick them out as you know them best.”

“Thank you father. I will keep you informed if I can win her heart.”

Verona glanced around feeling something but did not know what it was. Now and then she had this feeling like she was being watched. She wished could talk to professor Trent about it, but the message stone had gone missing about a week ago.

She examined the room she was in. It was empty of people at the moment. The audiences for the day were done. It was such a change from the old palace she had grown up in. It was dirty but warm. The fire in the corner fireplace kept the evening chill out. Her cot lay near the fireplace and she got up from the throne the workers had rescued from the rubble and walked over to the table next to the cot.

She washed her face and hands in the water and felt better. She may not mind the dirt now, but she still loved to feel clean. Sadly, her clothes could use washing as well, but she had to wait 3 more days before the washing lady came back with her only other set of clean clothes. Then they would trade, and she would wear that for a week.

What a change from when she went on patrol with the group. She now understood why they were so mad at her for making them carry so many sets of clothes. She smiled at the memory of being thrown into the freezing cold river. She no longer held a grudge about it. They were right to do it.

She looked around and still marveled at how quickly the people had assembled the large room out of the palace wall blocks. Glancing up, she loved the look of the wood that held up the roof, even though it still leaked when it rained hard enough.

Oh well she thought, she still had it better than most. The rest of the city must come first before she could build anymore of the palace. This room would have to do for the time being.

She ate what had been brought for her supper. She would go to sleep early tonight as she would need her sleep for what would come tomorrow. Another day of walking the city to give reassurances to her people.

She cringed thinking about it. Each time she had done it, she had thought of Yari and what he had taught her, but it was so very hard. She twiddled with his ring. She had wanted to give it back but was glad now that she still had it.

When she walked, she would rub it with her thumb so she could keep going. Touching women’s hand here, a child’s head there. But sadly, she would still see the places she had gone into that dreadful afternoon. In them she would see the blood and dead that still haunted her sometimes at night.

The nightmares were slowly going away, but on the walks, the memories of that time still came back. So strong were they, that by the time she returned to her room, she would empty her stomach in the corner bucket.

The maid was kind enough to never say anything about it, just empty it and bring it back freshly washed. Verona kept hoping this would get better, but no luck yet on that. She must talk to Priestess Annabelle about it when she got a chance to see if she could help as she had with the nightmares.

She laid down and drew her blanket around her, then rubbed the ring one last time before drifting off to sleep wondering what Yari was doing at the moment.

AR 1213-02-28 The Prince is Coming

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