AR 1213-01 Things improve in Melinir


1st to 14th, Everyone continues to help out like they did the last two weeks of December

15th. Yari hears in the audience room that the Queen has requested a friend of her fathers from Boton to move to Melinir to be a city coordinator (arrives after the kids leave). His name is Balcum Reed.

16th to 28th, Kara and Sven end up busy during the weekly report and send Yari to do it. This gives him a chance to talk to the Queen at the very least for her to hear his voice, in which he puts all the love he thinks is safe into his voice during his report. Verona is cool to having him do this at first but only quivers some when she sees and hears his voice.

Yari and the other kids continue to sleep at the temples and off and on at Sven and Kara’s home

AR 1213-01 Things improve in Melinir

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